Happy and engaged people with our Time Out opportunity

  • 05 March 2019

Tjaard Boomsma will become a father this year. To combine this with his working life, he decided to work part-time and take a Time Out. 

  • Tjaard about Deloitte's Time Out opportunity

Time Out is Deloitte's flexible leave opportunity, enabling colleagues to take an additional month off a year, whilst continuing their secondary employee benefits.


Marije Staman, Consumer Business Industry Leader at Deloitte and Time Out ambassador: "For Deloitte it is important to have happy and engaged people. It's really important to take time to do the things you are passionate about. Everyone becomes happy from something different. For the one it is taking care of loved ones, for the other it is taking surfing lessons or playing the piano. The Time Out is really a flexible opportunity for people to do the things they care about."


Tjaard: "In order to kickstart my future as a dad I decided to apply. Frank de Bont, the partner in my team, said: 'you definitely should do this'. He was really supportive about it." 

Frank believes the Time Out will have a positive effect on Tjaard's wellbeing and that it will also reflect to the other team members. "I think that's the biggest advantage. I also hope it inspires the other team members to take an example of Tjaard, for any personal reason they want to take a Time Out."

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