Improve healthcare by the usage of data

  • Guus van de Plasse
  • 05 June 2018

When I started to work for Deloitte I had never expected that I would use my knowledge and skills to improve healthcare. By performing a benchmark, I give insights to healthcare organizations about their own organization and the sector as a whole.

Two years ago I decided that I wanted to work for Deloitte. In 2013, I finished my masters as a Human Movement Scientist at the VU University in Amsterdam. I wrote my master thesis about the training load of competitive rowers by analyzing heart rate data. After that, I worked for a company which develops software for hospitals. After a while I felt I needed more of a challenge by doing more diverse tasks and work for clients in different industries. This brought me to the department of Analytics and Information management.

At first, you wouldn’t expect someone with my background at this department. At least, my first thought was that I would mainly have colleagues with an economic/econometrics background. However, it is quite a diverse group of people. Ranging from astronomersengineers to business experts.

Professional development

The company offers a lot of options to develop yourself in the areas where you think it is needed. So in the first few months I took a training from Cloudera about big data technologies. One of the great things of Deloitte is that you get the opportunity to choose your own subject of expertise. By that I mean that besides the work at the client you can focus on something you have you interest in. For example, I recently joined a group of colleagues who focus on Digital Analytics where we analyze the digital interactions between clients and companies.

Improve healthcare

In the short period that I work for Deloitte I have been involved in projects at a Dutch municipality, a Dutch ministry, an international service provider in the field of transportation and a large bank. During all these projects I was able to use my skills in handling big data sets. At the moment of writing this blog I am back in the industry which is closest to my study, the healthcare sector. Together with the client we started a project to benchmark data in home care. This has to lead to more insights in the own business management of the healthcare organizations and more information about the sector as a whole. With the ultimate goal to improve care for everyone that is dependent of home care.

More information

If you are interested in Analytics and Information management or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Guus van de Plasse

Analytics and Information Management

Guus is consultant bij de service line Analytics and Information management. Hij heeft een Master in Human Movement Sciences en een bachelor in Bestuur- en Organisatiewetenschappen. In zijn dagelijkse werk adviseert hij (zorg)organisaties over hoe zij waarde uit hun data kunnen halen. Daarnaast heeft hij interesse in Digital Analytics. 

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