Jamie's journey to Financial Risk: 'Inhouse for a day, I’m here to stay'

  • Jamie Kane
  • 06 November 2018

Path to Deloitte

Before completion of my bachelor degree in Actuarial Science and Mathematics in England, I had a strong desire to gain experience in a professional environment. I hoped this would help me to figure out what I wanted in a career and to further diversify my skillset.  

I applied at Deloitte UK for a one-year internship within Technology Consulting, aware that in consultancy, I would be able to define my own career path. During my career as a working student, I was able to fulfil my ambitions by learning to code, leveraging my mathematical background and specialising in the financial industry. It was at Deloitte that I developed a professional mindset and a business acumen by participating in an environment focusing on what is important to you and your own personal development. This emphasis on development  stems from a mindset that applies ubiquitously to Deloitte offices around the world.

Path to my thesis

After returning to complete my bachelor degree I decided to pursue a master degree, Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance at the University of Amsterdam. At a chance encounter I met some people working at Deloitte at a career fair and was invited to the office for a coffee meeting. Next I enrolled and was selected to participate in the Financial Risk Management (FRM) inhouseday. The inhouseday was a great opportunity to showcase my presenting and analytical skills and, most importantly, get to know the Deloitte team here in Amsterdam. I applied for an interview soon after this day and was accepted to write my thesis with in the Deloitte FRM team.

Writing my thesis here allowed me to develop an understanding of machine learning without prior knowledge of this field. I could attend trainings and discuss with experts, leveraging on their insight and judgement on every topic: from finance and statistics to data science. Writing a thesis with the support of a team in Deloitte is a symbiotic relationship. I received help defining and developing my topic with the team here. In return, the insights from my thesis have a real world business application. We are currently pitching the implementation of the framework developed in my thesis at a large Dutch insurer.

Path to a consultant

Like myself, many of the FRM team members have started as a thesis intern at Deloitte. From the moment you start working as a consultant you are immediately given the responsibility for client work and are already an integral part of the team, with emphasis on both your personal and professional development. Life as a consultant is always varied and every day brings new surprises and opportunities to develop myself. 

As an example of the varied nature of our work, from my first day I have been given the responsibility to critique and respond to the expert actuarial opinions of another company. I have also been tasked to dissect and condense information from an EU report on how some climate change effects can be mitigated with the help of financial markets into our own report. On my second project, I have been given the responsibility to develop a technical training program derived from IFRS 17 regulation. My work on IFRS 17 resulted in such technical proficiency for this program that I was able to help facilitate and answer questions in a workshop training a team of experts from offices around the world! My next challenge is to participate in a M&A so I am really excited to see what my role will be in the project.

Financial Risk Inhouseday

Interested in a career within Financial Risk at Deloitte? Register for our Financial Risk Inhouseday, November 15th in Amsterdam.

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Jamie Kane

Consultant Financial Risk Management

Perpetually returning to Deloitte at each stage of my career, this is the story of how I have gravitated back to Deloitte to start real life as a Consultant within the Market, Credit and Actuarial Risk team within Risk Advisory.

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