No challenge too big: Henri Drogulski about Edgy

  • Henri Drogulski
  • 18 January 2019

Coming up with an idea is sometimes the easy part. Getting people, and especially management, on board is not always so straightforward. Read how Henri Drogulski, Consultant in the Human Capital – HR Transformation team, made his project a success.

Why did you make it happen?

I'm intrigued by how organisations can best deliver HR services in a continuously disrupted environment.  Therefore we challenged ourselves to find an innovative way to bring Cognitive Robotics and AI to the attention of HR leaders. Edgy was the result.

What’s the idea?

Edgy, the Cognitive HR Agent, is a prototype designed to inspire and inform HR leaders. During interactive demos, we show how Edgy can assist an HR Service Desk and Recruiters. Edgy combines multiple cognitive technologies for intent recognition and natural language processing. It has facial recognition, can be integrated with back-end databases, and provides multiple methods of interaction. 

How did you make it happen?

Connecting the right people from multiple disciplines was key. Rob van Werven (S&O) played a crucial role by taking care of all the programming, and Bob Michels (Technology) shared his expertise in chatbot interactions. A clear vision, approach and business case soon  got leadership involved and passionate about the project. Deloitte’s internal innovation incubator programme opened additional doors with funding and support.

What has been the highlight so far?

Being given the trust and responsibility is tremendously empowering. I’ve worked on this from inception all the way to its current state. Writing the business case, setting up the team, developing the solution, endless testing and the big launch. My current highlight is delivering Edgy demo sessions with the team. Whether it's in Geneva, Dublin, or right here in Amsterdam, it is always a pleasure.

What have been the challenges?

Convincing people of the idea's feasibility while it was still only on paper was a real challenge. Since Edgy's big strength is seeing it ‘in the flesh’, we were fortunate to have bold leaders who were willing to take the calculated risk!

Learn more about Edgy

The team has delivered over 30 demos already, ranging from high-impact client sessions all over Europe to global conferences. Edgy never fails to leave a lasting impression. Eager to learn more? Watch the video below for a brief impression.

  • HR agent Edgy: the future of Human Resources

Henri Drogulski

Consultant HR Transformation

As a Consultant in our HR Transformation practice I try to stay on the cutting edge of developments in HR, especially Digital HR trends. I have a MSc in Business Administration from the University of Twente and a MSc in Innovation Management from TU Berlin.

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