Why Arianne and Tamaryn joined Deloitte Audit Advisory

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  • 06 July 2020

Arianne and Tamaryn both work at Deloitte Audit Advisory. In this interview we asked them about their team, assignments, challenges and personal development.

Deloitte is a large organization. Why did you decide to work for Audit Advisory?

Arianne: After working for a few years as an external auditor at Deloitte, I left the company to pursue a career in industry. I decided to come back to Deloitte because the Audit Advisory department enables me to apply my past working experience in audit, as well as in industry, to assist clients while also providing me with the support and opportunities to develop myself as a professional. Having worked in both spheres (both the audit space, as well as in industry), my experiences give me a perspective that has proved to be an advantage in my role in Audit Advisory. We act as subject matter experts to our clients and can directly provide added value to their finance function.

Tamaryn: After spending my earlier years working in the Audit & Assurance practice, I wanted to further develop my technical accounting expertise, as well as my interpersonal skills. After speaking with some Deloitte colleagues who were currently working in Audit Advisory and gaining insight into the work they do and the projects they encounter, I knew that this department would be give me a great opportunity to sharpen my skills and work in a dynamic environment.

What kind of assignments do you have?

Arianne: The assignments vary based on client requests. I mostly specialize in providing accounting and financial reporting support to clients dealing with complex accounting topics such as IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) adoption, or engagements where clients need advice on the applicable accounting treatment for a specific business transaction. Our services mainly consist of complex accounting, disruptive events, accounting operations and business assurance.

Tamaryn: Working in AA, you get the opportunity to be on many different types of assignments depending on clients’ needs. The majority of my projects are complex accounting advisory services but there are many other ad-hoc projects including disruptive events, accounting operations and business assurance. Our department is constantly adapting and developing alongside our clients which means there are always new, interesting projects available.

Working in Audit Advisory is great because it challenges you.

What is the best thing about your work at Deloitte? And what are challenges?

Arianne: It is a challenging environment because the workflow is project-based. You never know what type of assignment or client you might get in the next quarter! You need to be at ease with change and you need to be able to adapt yourself to any situation.

Tamaryn: Being part of the bigger Deloitte community is so valuable because it means that we can serve our clients with a variety of different resources and client offerings. Working in Audit Advisory is great because it challenges you. There are often times that clients need our help to respond to unique problems where we really need to apply ourselves and find effective solutions. 

We currently have more than seven different nationalities in the team!

Tell us about your team.

Arianne: It is a very open and international environment. We currently have more than seven different nationalities in the team! There is great camaraderie and fellowship amongst our colleagues which allows us to organize many events like ski trips and pub quizzes with the entire department.

Tamaryn: Our team is relatively small when compared to the other departments at Deloitte. This makes it a close-knit community as we get the opportunity to work together often which Is one of my favorite things about working in AA. Especially in times like these, I have really come to value the AA team as everyone has really come together to support one another, both in our professional work but also in the spirit of friendship. It’s great to work in a diverse team with colleagues from different countries who all bring a different perspective to the challenges encounter. It creates an environment where everyone is empowered to make a valuable, personal contribution.

Being a very social division it’s not often that we skip any of the many social events which are organized. Incorporating fun is prioritized by our AA social committee and it has helped us all get to know each other well, whether its monthly drinks, ski-trip or boat cruises – our team values having a good time together.

How do you keep developing yourself?

Arianne: There are a lot of opportunities to develop yourself both professionally and personally within this department and the Deloitte Network.  In addition to having access to a wide range of technical guidance, Deloitte also encourages its employees to refine their soft skills. Through multiple coaching sessions, I have been able to improve my presentation skills and practice my public-speaking. I have also been granted the opportunity to become a facilitator and provide trainings to my peers.

Tamaryn: It’s important to be open to gaining experience on new projects and taking charge of your own personal development. As our department is still relatively small, it affords each of us the opportunity to be a part of multiple projects that focus on different skills and expertise. If you want to develop yourself in a certain area, it is promoted by our department which is great.

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