Data & Analytics

Within Data & Analytics we help clients find hidden insights and value in their organizations. We help them modernizing their data and analytics environments, and applying next-generation AI and intelligent automation technologies. These are technologies driven by the transformational impact of AI-enabled, automated processes and optimized by human-centered design.

Am I a good fit?

With your analytical skills you can solve complex problems for clients in no time. During your projects you will help companies to perform better and to use the data you have gathered. You are able to bridge the gap between clients’ questions and analytical methodologies such as statistical regression, optimization, clustering and data mining algorithms. You can translate your analytical insights into clear advice and you can guide clients through the change process.

You will work in creative and agile teams. We aim to perform operational & business finance processes in the most effective and efficient way. We see opportunities for our clients as well as for you. While working in our team, you get the chance to develop yourself continuously. You set your own goals, and your manager and coach will guide you through the process.

I translated my PhD research in astronomy into methods of extracting insights from huge amounts of data.
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What will I be doing?

There are many areas you could work in if you are part of the Data & Analytics team. You could focus on the strategic side of a business or work on the technology part. And if you are creative, you might be interested in a design role. And last, but not least, you can work with analytics in cognitive computing, such as AI.

If you are wondering what you could do, here is what you can think of:

  • Translating analytic insights into clear advises that can help the client grow, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and stay ahead of consumer preferences.
  • Articulating the benefits which data visualization can bring.
  • Applying best-practice data visualization and customer experience solutions in solution design and development.
  • Help clients in successful implementation of visual analytics.
  • Help companies perform better by making smart use of the large amount of data clients have.
Together with colleagues I developed a web application that gives insights in how underlying data of regulatory reports are constructed.

You will learn how to modernize the data landscape using cutting-edge analytics platforms and big data architectures, and how to generate insights from structured and unstructured data to enable augmenting human decision-making. As a consultant you will think of the best out-of-the-box solutions to help clients optimize their portfolio and to enable the businesses focus on activities that unlock and create value within and across their organization.

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