In this creative department we determine the best way to visually represent a client’s brand and needs, upholding design standards for all projects as well as overall management of the design team. You’ll develop strong client relationships and drive continuous improvements across our creative capability. Your work will consist of discovering, designing, and prototype customer transformation strategies and innovation portfolios.

Am I a good fit?

Do you have a background in Design and want to keep developing your qualities as a designer? Do you want to learn how to design and develop visual and interactive analytic solutions and how to practice a design thinking method? Or do you want to show our clients your user experience designing skills? Then you are at the right spot and you would be a great fit.

Join our vibrant and diverse team and you’ll get to work with some of the largest and most complex organizations, designing and defining their user experience. From research and planning to design and delivery, we’re involved in every aspect of design. This is where you need to be.

  • Deloitte Digital: visual designer Dafne Baars

What will I be doing?

If you have a position within the Design team, which we call Customer Strategy & Applied Design, you will focus on the voice of the customer, including enhanced user experiences and engagement through the customer lifecycle. You will utilizes awareness of the market for leading edge technologies to define capabilities and solutions, designed to help clients to connect more effectively with their customers across channels.

In your designer role, you can put you creative mind to work. You will also need your project management and advisory skills, because you could be advising and supporting clients in making design choices, together with developers and designers in an Agile way.

Through my work I contribute to the social impact of Deloitte. It makes me feel proud when I see that one of my designs made an impact.

Or you could serve as an integrator between business needs and technology solutions. Are you more into UX designing? Then you could discovering and design outstanding UX solutions that fit to the platform that is being build or used.

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