Are you looking for a job that offers you the opportunity to experience various (technological) companies from within? Then Deloitte Technology is your place to be. During our short (one month) and long assignments (six to twelve months) you get to know many companies and develop your skills rapidly.

Technology Consulting & Innovation

Innovation is crucial for us and we like to stay ahead. More and more companies choose to work with us, because of our knowledge of e.g. data analytics and cyber security. Naturally, Technology Consulting is a frontrunner in these developments. We value the latest developments and trends and think it is essential that you are up-to-date with these trends, in order to share them with your clients.

Technology Consulting & Challenging work

Working for new clients and doing various assignments means you have to be agile. This is why working for us is so exciting. In fact, we offer you an intercompany traineeship with excellent support from experienced managers. As an experienced developer you deliver customized solutions to leading clients.

Technology Consulting & Learning & Development

Our basic skills and competency training is excellent. You get to know yourself and your strengths rightaway. You choose your own advanced learning. We offer you ample space and time and a program that is specifically designed for you. Also, you learn a lot from the companies and knowledge institutions in the Eindhoven area that are part of our technology ecosystem.

Technology Consulting & Informal and friendly work climate

The average age of our people is below 30, so there are plenty of co-workers your age to learn from and to socialize with. We like to do sports together and go out for a drink or on a trip. Our facilities are top notch, so you can focus on your work without being distracted by other issues. Also, our door is always open for you – for questions and for fun.

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