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At Technology & Information, we guide transformation processes to shape the technological function and architecture of systems. If enabling transformation and optimization through effective design, implementation and operating of fully-integrated IT management solutions sounds interesting to you, then you could the right person for the job!

Am I a good fit?

To determine whether or not you are a good fit for Technology & Information can be pretty hard. And that is positive for you,  because you are wanted by so many teams! The only thing we need from you are well developed technical skills to troubleshoot the source of a problem and computer capabilities to stay current on software and equipment. When working, you focus on the voice of the customer, including enhanced user experiences and engagement through the customer lifecycle.

Not only will you develop what you are good at already, you are also encouraged to keep working on everything you want to learn and to enhance your hard skills as well as your soft skills. You will be part of an ambitious team that is motivated to grow both professionally and personally. You are very welcome here!

What will I be doing?

You can put your Technology and Information knowledge into practice on different levels. Technology is relatively new and implementing it can be challenging sometimes. That is why you are your client’s go to advisor when it comes to setting the direction for their technology implementation journey and supports with vendor selection. Providing clients with a vision and roadmap for Technology and IT that supports the business strategy is therefore an important task.

What you could be doing is for example helping in transforming the digital enterprise with innovative and core technologies, that will foster sustainable benefits for the organization. Or you could be advising our clients on their design, implementation and vision on their Technology and IT strategy. You will be helping them to optimize and integrate IT solutions across the organization and to bring knowledge to assess, design and optimize architecture for the client application landscape, to achieve the best business value for them. Or you could help organizations increase the value they derive from technology through effective design, management, and governance of their IT operating model, IT financial management model, IT supplier and sourcing management model.

From strategy to development, we use the combined knowhow of our group to deliver smart products and services tailored to the client
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In which team you will start is based on your interests and background. These are our Technology & Information teams:

  • Sales & Service Transformation
  • Digital Customer Engineering
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Workday
  • SAP Success Factors
  • Enterprise & Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Strategy
  • SAP
  • Oracle

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