FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you intend to apply at Deloitte, but do you still have questions? Or do you have questions about how (certain parts of) the application process works? View our list of frequently asked questions about applying at Deloitte below.

If you have specific questions regarding the corona virus, please take a look at our frequently asked question about Covid-19 / Corona.

Is your question not listed? Please contact a recruiter.


  1. I can’t see a suitable vacancy, but I would like to work at Deloitte. Can I send an open application?
    If an ‘open vacancy’ is advertised online, you can apply for this, but unfortunately, we cannot process open applications sent by email. 

  2. Can I be kept informed of new vacancies in my area of interest?
    Yes, certainly. If you register for our Job Alert, you will automatically be kept informed of new vacancies that match the preferences you have given.

  3. The vacancy was still on the website yesterday, but is no longer visible today?
    Unfortunately, applying for this position is no longer possible, because the application date has passed.

  4. Is the vacancy still available? 
    All vacancies shown on the website are still available and you can therefore apply for these.

  5. Who can I ask questions about the content of the job for which there is a vacancy?
    You can ask the recruiter responsible questions about the content of the job for which there is a vacancy. You will find the contact details of the recruiter responsible at the bottom of the vacancy text.

  6. I don’t live near the work location for the vacancy. Can I still apply?
    You can apply for a job with a work location that is not near to where you live. Do bear in mind that preference may be given to a candidate who does live near the work location.

  7. Can I apply for different jobs at the same time?
    You can apply for more than one job at the same time. It is easier for you to apply for the most interesting/suitable vacancy for you and then to say in your job application letter that you are also interested in other jobs. Our recruiters will be happy to share ideas with you.

  8. Do you have any job application tips for me?
    On the Job Application Tips page, you will find tips for your application letter, your curriculum vitae (CV), the assessment, the preparation for your interview and for the job interview itself. Good preparation is half the work!

  9. What does the application process involve?
    The application process consists of six steps, which are described in detail on this page concerning the application process.

  10. If I have been rejected, can I apply again later?
    If you have been rejected before, you can apply again later. Always try to take account of the set requirements for the vacancy and the reasons for your earlier rejection.

  11. Can I interrupt my application and continue again later?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible at present and you must complete the steps of the application form in a single session.

  12. Can I still change my details in the application system during the application process?
    After you have applied, you can still change your details in the system. By logging in at werkenbijdeloitte.nl/inloggen, you can simply change your access details and personal data, set up job mails, change your CV and view your history.

  13. I want to apply, but it’s not working.
    The recommended browser for the use of this website is Google Chrome. In this browser, an application should always work. If you are still unable to send your application, please contact the recruiter via the details shown at the bottom of the vacancy description.

  14. I have applied for a job. When will I hear something?
    When you have applied, you will receive a confirmation email from us.  Within 5 working days after receiving this email, you will receive further notice about possible next steps in the application process.

  15. How can I tell whether my application has been sent properly?
    After you send your application, a confirmation message will appear on your screen. You will then also receive confirmation of receipt of your application by email.

  16. I have applied, but I haven’t received a confirmation email. What should I do?
    Did you apply for a job, but have you not received a confirmation email? Then first check your ‘Spam/junk mail’ folder. If you don’t find an email from us there, please contact the recruiter shown with the vacancy for which you applied. He/she can then check for you whether your application was received properly.

  17. What will Deloitte do with my details?
    With your approval, we keep your details in our database after the end of the application process, for future career opportunities. During the application process, you state yourself whether we can keep your details for four weeks or 12 months after the end of the process. Naturally, in that case we comply with the rules of the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the GDPR.


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