Esther Rozenbeek

After my study of Commercial Economics, I entered the world of recruitment. For 2.5 years I worked at a recruitment and selection office where I focused on 360 degree recruitment in the supply chain market. Many learned about all the different recruitment processes with almost all the ambition to find the five-legged sheep. During this period, I found out that I find serving regular customers, with the best candidates from the market most rewarding. This seemed a good starting point for me to work as a corporate recruiter, and I wanted to go to a company where they always seek the best candidates from the market. Welcome to Deloitte!
I live in Amsterdam and in my spare time, I like to do nice things with friends and family, preferably with good food and a drink. In the time that remains after that, I love to do some squats in the gym. After my trip to New Zealand, I decided to see as much of the world as possible!

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