” Deloitte empowers you to push your own boundaries ”

Emma ter Braak,
Senior Consultant M&A Tax & Legal.

All or nothing. Work at Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is always fluctuating. And that is exactly what energizes Emma – solving the fiscal puzzle at full speed with a team of driven people. No projects are alike and there are always exceptions.

‘Already when I was still studying Fiscal Law in Leiden (Netherlands) I worked for Deloitte in “The Perfect Side Job”, which is a program in which you get to know the various parts of the company within a year’s time. I really liked that’, says Emma ter Braak (28). ‘Afterwards I did an internship at a law firm for a while, but it came to me quickly and clearly: I missed the diversity and young dynamics at Deloitte.’

Now, Emma is working happily at Deloitte M&A Tax & Legal. ‘At Deloitte you’re always surrounded by people who are fully focused and fast. That really suits me. If there’s no challenge, I quickly lose interest.’


At Deloitte you’re always surrounded by people who are fully focused and fast. That really suits me.

M&A is sometimes considered a male stronghold. Emma doesn’t agree. ‘I feel completely at ease. Our team strives for diversity and everyone has the same mind set. If a company is purchased or sold we perform due diligence in order to avoid any fiscal “surprises”. Our team reviews the documentation, fills in the gaps and does a lot of thinking.

It’s a challenging topic that requires a fair deal of discussion. If it’s a large listed company, confidentiality is key and we’re not allowed to discuss the deal with anyone outside the project team’, Emma explains. ‘You get it done together, which helps to build a strong sense of teaming.

Last year I was out of the running for several months due to an unfortunate fall. I was given all the freedom and time to recover and could always count on the trust and support of my teammates.’


If you perform well, you get the credits for it. Emma is quite down to earth about this. ‘Of course it’s nice if you get recognition, and of course I want to be good at my job. But quite honestly, that’s not my main focus. I want to do what I like and what energizes me. At M&A you get a lot of responsibility, almost from the start, and you’re always pushing your own boundaries.

I like that challenge. You’re being empowered and you feel safe to make mistakes. That helps you to grow quickly as a professional. Our discipline is always developing and laws, regulations and policies often change. On the one hand that means that you need to keep up, but on the other hand it implies that the youngest member of the team can be as knowledgeable as the oldest one.’


‘I’m learning every day’, says Emma. ‘Exactly because Deloitte is such a large company. Whether you’re getting yourself a cup of coffee or walking down the corridors, you’re always meeting colleagues from other teams. Everyone has the same drive but we all have own expertise. Our M&A team works on the same floor as the other teams from the Transactions practice. We often work on projects together, so it’s easy to walk up to someone and discuss something. Deloitte is a flexible organisation that offers you a lot of freedom.

With the COVID-19 circumstances that is of course different; we see each other every now and then at the office whenever allowed by the government, and there is plenty of contact online. Hopefully there will be a time soon when we can go to the office for more days. I'm really looking forward to that!

You get plenty of opportunities. It’s up to you whether you use them or not.’

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