” Deloitte lives by the values it promotes ”

Dannielle Nguyen,
Director Risk Analytics.

Gaining new business and helping clients solve complex problems is Dannielle’s main focus. She is often the connector bringing many parts together to solve problems, as the work Deloitte can do for clients goes further than technical expertise only. It’s not always the technical part or money that wins the business. In the end, it’s the your ability to understand your clients problems and your genuine interest in helping them because you have built a relationship.

“My secret weapon is the ability to read the situation”, Dannielle Nguyen (45) says. “In helping clients with their data problems, you have to engage and build a relationship. Listen carefully to what they are and are not saying. Most of the times clients are not telling you directly what they really want. You have to figure that out. That intuitiveness is not something you can be trained in, you need to build the experience in all the variety that our work brings.

Different clients, different projects, different problems. That variety is exactly what makes the job interesting. Although the best part, I would say, is working with the team. Collaborating and sharing ideas. More brain is better than one.”


The right balance is people, not gender. But to get there, it takes leadership to make bold decisions and that’s exactly what Deloitte is doing.

Dannielle left Deloitte Australia to come to work for Deloitte Netherlands last November. “It was a big and bold decision for me. I am a single mum and coming here means I have to leave my 10 year old son in Australia with his father. Of course, that is quite an adjustment. But rather than seeing it as a sad story, I am doing it with the purpose of wanting the best for myself and my son.

Opening new possibilities and opportunities for us both. He is developing two loving relationships now. And for me, the Dutch key values of Deloitte are perfectly aligning. Here you can truly be your authentic and best self.”

According to Dannielle, Deloitte proved to be very supportive and welcoming. “For a short period of time I left Deloitte Netherlands to return to Australia for my son. But instead of saying ‘Thanks a lot and see you later’, Deloitte actually listens. They understood I had to go, gave me the opportunity to sort things out and eventually reached out to me giving me the opportunity to come back.

Deloitte lives by the values it promotes and that kind of integrity is very important to me. I am impressed by the support of senior leadership in the company. Amongst competitors Deloitte seems to be the nice guy because we have a softer people focus. We believe organisations are made of people.”


A good work life balance and family values are key at Deloitte. “The Dutch children are the happiest in the world. That is because of the generally good work life balance and balance between gender too, in terms of sharing home responsibilities. In my team I see it all the time, we can be in a meeting but if a team member has to pick up a child, they feel very comfortable to do so. No matter if you are a director or a partner.

The men also play an active role. It’s an important cultural aspect that shapes not only the society but also the business. The children grow up to be open, comfortable adults. They know what they do and don’t like. Dutch people are not afraid to give feedback and that kind of honesty is important in business. Honesty makes the business run better and smoother.”


As a powerful woman, with an evenly powerful story, Dannielle takes a stand for women to be strong and insightful. “I never thought I would witness it myself, but a lot is changing in professional gender diversity.

Deloitte is taking bold stands and that is fantastic. We now have a commitment at the top to support a gender-balanced representation of 40 per cent men, 40 per cent women and 20 per cent minority group among panelists at events, forums or conferences. And where possible we even honour this promise on our bid or representation to clients. That can be challenging during this initial catch up phase. We are overcompensating and that sometimes feels unfair. The right balance is people, not gender. But to get there, it takes leadership to make bold decisions and that’s exactly what Deloitte is doing.”

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