” Deloitte offers you the opportunity to expand your expertise ”

Fraukje Panis,
Senior Manager Deloitte Legal.

From the States to the UK and from Mexico to Australia - Fraukje has been living and working in a variety of countries. So it’s not surprising that her expertise is international labour law. At Deloitte she was given the opportunity to build a new team which already employs seven colleagues from various disciplines. And there’s no end to Fraukje’s ambitions.

‘I used to work as a lawyer and to be honest, I really liked that’, Fraukje Panis says. “Until one of my former colleagues convinced me to meet up. She had joined Deloitte and was sure that I would like Deloitte better as well. So I met with the managing partner of Deloitte Legal. We spoke for two hours and afterwards I knew Deloitte would be the right choice for me.

What appealed to me most was the Deloitte approach. The entire company is fully focused on the intrinsic motivation of their people. If you do what you enjoy, you will be good at it. Deloitte then offers you the opportunity to expand your expertise.’


At Deloitte we continuously consider how to use technology and innovation to help our clients to move forward.

Fraukje was given the opportunity to build an entirely new team. ‘Deloitte Legal is a fairly new group within Deloitte – it was founded about five years ago. So when I joined Deloitte three years ago, the discipline was still in the “infancy” stage. It was my job to build the international branch. Nowadays, we have a mixed team with expertise in legal, tax, and immigration matters. Together we work on various client assignments in the field of global mobility. For instance, we advise companies with employees working cross-border on a temporary basis, and expats.

Because of the multidisciplinary character of our team, I have expanded my knowledge about immigration law, income tax, and social security. But I also really enjoy working with and travelling to member firms abroad. Although COVID-19 has of course limited the opportunities.’


At the moment, Fraukje collaborates with 28 Deloitte firms around Europe to develop a global mobility tool for unburdening clients. ‘Deloitte is a proactive partner with an outside-the-box approach. For instance, we continuously consider how to use technology to help our clients to move forward.

That is why we are working on this tool on a European level with 28 of our member firms. Recently it has become mandatory within Europe to notify the local authorities about employees working cross-border. Our tooling helps a company with employees working cross-border in five European countries to easily notify the five individual labour inspectorates. This is such an interesting project to work on together.’


‘Within Deloitte there is a strong focus on “business chemistry” – your personality and how it fits into a team. For instance, I really enjoy visiting clients and working on innovations and new developments. Things like that challenge me. But in order to have the right balance within a team, you also need people who are focused on the details. Because we pay so much attention to putting together the right team, we make sure that everyone can work on their own challenges.

If you discuss your preferences, Deloitte offers you plenty of room to work on them. Deloitte offers trust, and is clear about the expectations as well as about the opportunities. For me, it’s clear how I can develop my career. The company culture is informal and transparent.’

Finally, Fraukje mentions the focus on sustainability at Deloitte. ‘I usually work in the Amsterdam The Edge office. That building represents all types of sustainability. From solar panels to re-used rainwater. Innovation is pivotal as well. We can charge our smartphones by simply putting them on our desks. Those are examples of how we think along the lines of the “zeitgeist”. With our employees, our clients, and society at large.’


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