” We don’t dream about the future. Every morning we get up and create it. ”

Pim Peeters,
Business consultant.

As a Business Consultant at Deloitte’s Analytics & Cognitive department, thorough data analysis is his new found passion.

Pim Peeters, who holds a degree in aerodynamics, soon discovered that the business side of the field interested him more than the technical side. As a Business Consultant at Deloitte’s Analytics & Information Management department, thorough data analysis is his new found passion.

'Working toward the future every single day is part of the job at Deloitte: we deliver results today while at the same time we consider what the long term effects will be. Currently, I spend four days a week making data more accessible for one of our larger clients. Our client can now retrieve and apply their data faster and in a more structured way through the  platforms and dashboards we’ve created. Our work really makes a difference not just for the organization but for each and every one of their employees.

I studied Aerodynamics at Delft University and initially went into a job one would expect: I joined a major airline company in Australia. Although I enjoyed that time and had a wonderful experience, I felt the projects were quite technical and mathematical, and many of them were long-term projects. I like to see quick results, so the business side with its shorter and faster projects appealed to me more and more.. What I like most about my current job is that it gives me the opportunity to see many different companies from within. I come in and look at things with a fresh set of eyes, which often leads to new solutions.

Meanwhile, I benefit a great deal from the huge international Deloitte network. One day of the week, I’ll work from The Edge  our hypermodern offices, catching up with Deloitte colleagues and discussing current projects. Considering the size of that network, there’s always someone who has dealt with similar projects or problems. It makes for a valuable source of learning – and inspiration.

'At Deloitte, we work across disciplines practically all the time.

Another aspect of Deloitte I really like is that projects are often shared across the entire organization. For example, when I saw a message on the internal network where colleagues were looking for a Java programmer for a unique project, I decided to respond. As it turned out, the project was about artificial intelligence, and featured a Deloitte robot called Aime. She’s designed to gain an increasingly accurate awareness and understanding of who she’s interacting with. I worked on Aime with a diverse group of colleagues from various backgrounds, making it an unforgettable experience. Aime is full of sensors geared at detecting people. She recognises individuals and their hand gestures. She can communicate, play games (one of which I programmed) and most importantly, she never stops learning.

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Aime is just one example of the potential of artificial intelligence, which has stopped being science fiction and is now part of our daily reality. For example, we apply artificial intelligence to read unstructured texts, automatically direct incoming emails from clients toward the right department – or even provide a response for us. This new automation technology opens up a world of possibilities.

Anyone who would like to work at an organization that offers you lots of room for innovation and initiative should consider Deloitte. This is the place to be for passionate and talented people with a background in business or technology.'

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