Efficiency and transparancy.

Would you like to work as an innovative accountant for listed multinationals, (semi) large organizations or for clients in the public sector? Then Deloitte Audit is your place to be. You can work for organizations close to home, or from our offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. For instance, you can specialize in accounting systems, internal control, corporate governance and risk management. Especially if you choose for Regio Audit, you will be advising your clients’ decision makers before you know it.

Audit & Innovation

The world of accounting is changing rapidly. We like to stay ahead of these changes, so we invest continuously in innovating our audit function. We offer an innovative control approach which integrates technological innovations, improves audit quality and makes your audit assignments challenging and dynamic. Data analytics is key. It helps us find and analyze large amounts of data from financial systems rapidly and easily. Data and trends are presented to our clients and us in a dynamic dashboard. Many – leading – clients choose us, because they appreciate our innovative character.

I’m a woman who wears a headscarf. Fortunately Deloitte is very clear on diversity: come as you are.
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Audit & Challenging work

We work for various clients and industries. So working for us means you are able to develop your adaptive, communicative and analytic skills to perfection. Working for Core Audit means you get the chance to work abroad. You learn a lot about all aspects of large organizations rapidly. Also, you work in varying teams with young and ambitious coworkers. Working and learning ‘in a pressure cooker’ adds an extra dimension to your job.

Audit & Learning & Development

Personal development, audit quality and teaming are crucial to us. A personal buddy will help you determine your personal learning and development plan from the very start. Trainings and courses with coworkers are an important part of this, but there is also an individual program, with continuous support. As a graduate, you will be coached and trained intensively during the first two years. You are literally being launched!  In order to reach the top, you start your RA program from day one. If you choose Core Audit and have international ambitions, you can qualify for international programs such as IEAMA and ACCA. We facilitate learning programs to develop your management and advising skills, such as technical and industry specific courses. Also, you can choose from our vast E-learning program and Deloitte University program.

  • Global Young Audit Forum

Audit & informal and friendly work climate

One thing is for sure: you will never find more variety in your place to work than within our Audit function. Most assignments are accomplished at our clients’ offices. Our work climate is informal, open and down-to-earth. And we are very sociable. For instance, we play soccer, hockey, and squash, we run together, and we like to go for a drink together or on a trip.

Service area's

National Market

Would you like to work close to home, for a large multinational company? Then Regio Audit is your place to be. We have offices all around The Netherlands, since our clients are working from all around our country as well. Working for us means working for medium-sized and large companies that are owner-held. Pretty soon, you become the sparring partner for your clients. We also work for a number of organizations in the public sector. These are assignments with a direct societal impact. You regard both the financial and the governance aspects of these organizations

Core Audit

Would you like to work as an innovative accountant for listed multinationals? Then our Core Audit practice is your place to be. Our offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven work for both Dutch companies and foreign companies that are based in The Netherlands. For instance, you can specialize in accounting systems, internal control, corporate governance and risk management, statutory audit and other types of financial accounting.

Business Process Solutions

Business Process Solutions (BPS) is a relatively young and fast-growing service line within Deloitte. Our professionals’ support and advice (international) clients in optimizing their business management. We distinct ourselves from the competition through our excellent knowledge of the (practical) business, passion and quality. Are you up to the challenge? Do you have the expertise, do you love challenges, are you ambitious, are you innovative and do you have a commercial mindset? Come and join the Business Process Solutions service line.


Ctrl is an independent business unit within Deloitte and consist of 20 enthusiastic and professional colleagues. Ctrl is an innovative online platform with the ambition to be the biggest only cooperation platform in the business to business segment. The work climate within Ctrl can best be described as creative and cheeky Start-Up with the possibilities of a corporate.



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