Working with instead of for the client.

Would you like to work on complex projects in the field of HR, Technology or Strategy & Operations? Then Consulting is your place to be. We advise on e.g. mergers and acquisitions, large transition projects and employee development, but we also have a profound knowledge of new technologies and their impact on organizations.

Consulting & Innovation

Innovation is crucial for us and is always linked to developments in the market. We are hired to offer our clients new ideas and initiatives. There is always room for innovative ideas. We truly encourage and value your proactivity in this area.

Consulting & Challenging work

We usually work with our clients to provide solutions for very complex, high-impact business challenges – often for well-known and large multinationals in the Netherlands and abroad. Not only do you work intensively with clients, but you also stay ahead of them. This means that you are proactive and independent, using your analytical skills as well as your soft skills.

Consulting & Learning & Development

Our projects vary in extent and context. Every project requires its own approach and intensive cooperation with the client. This means you need the appropriate knowledge and analytical skills, but you also work continuously on your advisory skills. Training on the job is essential. Also, we offer you courses in basic skills, such as facilitating workshops and interviewing and presentation skills.

Consulting & Informal and friendly work climate

Working for us means being part of a group of young, ambitious, smart and sociable colleagues. Our teams emphasize working with direct colleagues and the client to the final result. We like to inspire, convince and coach others into a certain direction, and to challenge each other and develop ourselves to experienced and specialized consultants. Also, we believe in ‘Work hard, play hard’, from doing sports together to going for a drink or on a trip.

Service area's within Consulting

Human Capital

Would you like to be more than just an HR consultant? Are you interested in becoming a widely oriented business consultant, specialized in incorporating people issues and business strategy? Then Human Capital is your place to be. We advise about organizational design, for instance for mergers and acquisitions, and manage large transition projects. Also, we help our clients with compensation & benefits, HR IT, HR Cloud and employee development.

Strategy & Operations

Are you interested in internal and external strategic issues? Then Strategy & Operations is your place to be. Working for us means working on issues such as market entry strategies, mergers & acquisitions, CFO advisory and financial department advisory, but also organizational design and restructuring strategies. As you can see, Strategy & Operations is a dynamic service line, with clients in large (inter)national organizations in various industries like Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Business and Public Sector.


Are you looking for a job that offers you the opportunity to experience various (technological) companies from within? Then Deloitte Technology is your place to be. During our short (one month) and long assignments (six to twelve months) you get to know many companies and develop your skills rapidly.

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