Enterprise Technology & Performance

Would you like to work with C-level executives to create solutions that deliver the absolute maximum return on investment? We transform the digital enterprise with innovative and core technologies, delivering tangible, sustainable benefits. You will become part of a diverse team that challenges itself to provide simple solutions to complex problems. Working alongside some of the greatest minds around, you'll deliver innovative business outcomes. Together we take a holistic view on key functions, spanning strategy articulation, process design and technology enablement, while focussing on enabling functions such as finance, supply chain and technology. Impact and value drive everything we do.

Enterprise Technology & Performance & Innovation

Innovation is crucial for us and we like to stay ahead. More and more C-level executives choose to work with us, because of our knowledge on digital enterprises. Naturally, Enterprise Technology & Performance is the frontrunner in these transformations. We value the latest developments and trends and think it is essential that you are up-to-date with these trends, in order to share them with your clients.

Enterprise Technology & Performance & Challenging work

Working for new clients and doing various assignments means you have to be agile. This is why working for Deloitte is so exciting. In fact, we offer you an intercompany traineeship with excellent support from experienced managers. We expect a lot from you right away, but you will get the right support and there is always room for questions.

I help companies make significant changes every day.

Enterprise Technology & Performance & Learning and development

Our basic skills and competency training is excellent. You get to know yourself and your strengths right away. You choose your own advanced learning. We offer you ample space and time and a program that is specifically designed for you. As your knowledge is key for our clients, we encourage you to always stay up-to-date.

Enterprise Technology & Performance & Friendly work climate

You work closely together with your colleagues and learn a lot from them. But they are also there to socialize with. We like to do sports together and go out for a drink or on a trip. Our facilities are top notch, so you can focus on your work without being distracted by other issues. Also, our door is always open for you – for questions and for fun.

Finance & Performance

Finance is no longer just the guardian of the numbers. It's becoming ever more important and needs to be engaged with the business, utilizing the latest technology to drive change. As market leaders, our finance practice has the breadth of capabilities to help organizations become that finance function of the future. Within Finance & Performance you'll find the following teams: 

Operational Finance
Businesses in every industry are evolving and need to spend less effort on administrative processes. We accelerate the development of finance departments. To achieve this goal you help create, optimize and digitalize the core finance processes. By using the latest in technology and ERP solutions business is enabled to be more data driven and effective in reporting and decision making based on real time data.

Business Finance
Our Business finance team enables businesses to translate strategy into execution, by using predictive planning and forecasting. Ensure forward looking insights by the use of finance analytics, and support the business with digital reports. Create the right conditions for the business to make fast and high quality decisions; all driven by data.

Enterprise & Strategy
When the stakes are high, incremental change may not be enough. It may be time for a change in direction. Whether it is about navigating regulatory changes, managing through a crisis, going public, or experiencing some other major shift, we help put in place strategies and translate these into future proof operating models for finance and GBS organizations. Always with business results in mind.

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Supply Chain & Network Operations

As borders blur, regulations constantly change and new products are launched more frequently than ever, the Supply Chain function has become a critical factor for success. By designing and implementing disruptive, world-class supply network strategies and capabilities you will help our industry-leading clients to transform their value chains into a competitive market differentiator.

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Technology Strategy & Transformation

There is unprecedented disruption in the market as organizations respond to business drivers that are dramatically changing technology within the enterprise. In Technology Strategy & Transformation, we are truly at the heart of change. We work alongside senior business and technology executives, helping them to navigate this journey and transform their technology functions and architectures. With our deep expertise in shaping and delivering upon business-led, technology-enabled transformation, we enable our clients to continuously innovate while focusing on the business outcomes.

Technology Strategy & Transformation consists of the teams listed below:

Enterprise Architecture
As a consultant in Enterprise Architecture you will support multinationals with:

  • Assessing their current state architecture, defining future state architecture and designing the roadmap to reach the future state;
  • Providing content related guidance to complex technology enabled transformations such as post merger integrations, cloud- , agile and digital transformations;
  • Applying your knowledge and experience in disrupting technologies such as cloud, eco-systems, IoT and DevOps;
  • Defining data strategies and designing data architectures and data governance as a key enabler for bringing value from disruptive technologies for new and better client services;
  • Designing process automation and orchestration to facilitate effective digital business transformations.

IT Strategy
The IT Strategy team within Deloitte is occupied with:

  • IT Strategy: executing strategic IT-studies;
  • IT Value Delivery: advising on IT operating models and the ideal balance between supply costs, performance and risks;
  • IT Governance: advising on IT-management issues;
  • IT M&A Advisory: guiding organizations on mergers and acquisitions and executing due diligences.

We bring new key technology insights for both CEO’s and CIO’s. Regularly, our advice is used as a starting point for business enabled IT transformations, which are often executed together with other teams of expertise.

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Our SAP solutions practice is an award winning SAP partner and part of the global Deloitte SAP network with a central role in the EMEA region. We work with clients who want to improve their ability to react on the digital world and enable scalability, remove performance barriers, enable innovation, and modernize core systems and reimagine their business with SAP digital solutions. Applications include SAP S/4HANA and Cloud (C/4HANA, Ariba, IBP, EWM, Analytics, Central Finance, MDG and SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud).

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As Oracle’s first Global Cloud Elite Partner, we are at the forefront of delivering ground breaking Oracle cloud technology. Focusing on finance and supply chain we partner with clients to imagine, deliver and run a future, digital enterprise with Oracle at the core.

Join a team with deep process, technology and enterprise architecture capabilities combined with a thorough understanding of how digital technologies, such as machine learning and robotic automation can drive business value and transform the digital backbone of the enterprise. Having delivered the largest ERP cloud implementation globally, we will not stop there. Join us to play your part in delivering Oracle led business transformation.

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