Financial Advisory

The transaction experts.

Deloitte Financial advisory is the perfect place to work for you as a finance or real estate consultant. We are specialized in helping organizations with mergers & acquisitions, management buy-outs and finance projects. But also employee benefits, financial due diligence and real estate advisory are our profession.

Financial Advisory & Innovation

Working for us means working for various clients such as large listed companies, private equity investors and public sector. This requires an innovative approach. We anticipate the continuous developments in the market. We identify trends and develop new propositions. Our innovative approach includes exposure in innovative markets and/or fast growing innovative start-ups, as well as developing methods to quickly search large data files with financial information.

"Rooted in reality with your gaze on the horizon, that's how you stay sharp."
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Financial Advisory & Challenging work

From the moment you join us, you work with your clients. You rapidly become a valuable sparring partner for your clients and your work highly impacts many deals. With your passion for commerce and in-depth knowledge you know exactly what our clients need. Your assignments are very challenging and dynamic, for instance because you work in multidisciplinary teams with professionals from Deloitte Tax & Legal and Consulting, among others. Also, you get to work on international transactions with professionals from our global Deloitte network.

Financial Advisory & Learning & Development

Working with us means lifelong learning. You will have ample space for development, both in technical skills and in competencies. Because the more you know, the more value you can offer to our clients. You can join summer courses and learning boot camps, but we also encourage you to develop your soft skills. You design your own customized career plan with your counselor. This will help you become a true expert in your field.

"If you have a vision on how companies can prepare for tomorrow's technology, now is the time to join Deloitte."
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Financial Advisory & Informal and friendly work climate

We appreciate proactivity and assertiveness. Also, we like to help each other. Our partners gladly share their knowledge with starters. This is part of our open and informal work climate. We also value work-life balance. After all, you can only work hard if you play hard as well. So there is plenty of time for drinks and other social activities. Coworkers become friends at Financial Advisory Services.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Integrating companies through mergers & acquisitions or splitting off through separation or divestment is one of the most complex business activities an organization can experience. Deloitte is a professional services firm that advises companies – both strategic parties (for example large listed Dutch companies) and private equity parties (investment companies) – on the entire M&A deal life cycle. From devising a strategy to selecting the right (buyers). From a thorough due diligence investigation to the actual closing of the deal. Whether it's a transaction, integration or separation, the goal is to create value for the customer. From start to finish, various teams work on the assignment.

Real Estate & Partnerships

Would you like to work for appealing clients in the real estate world from your first day at work? Deloitte Real Estate & Partnerships is aimed at investors, banks, property developers, (semi) public authorities, care parties and housing corporations, among others.

Benefits & Pension Advisory

Passion for finance, risk and strategy? Do you get energy from connecting Finance and HR? Would you like to use your knowledge and experience more widely than just for retirement? Then you're in the right place at Benefits & Pension Advisory, the advisor in the field of employee benefits and pensions. As one of the 40 advisors within the Benefits & Pension Advisory team, you will advise medium-sized and large companies on employee benefits and pensions in six areas.

Forensic & Financial Crime

At Forensic & Financial Crime, we protect the brand and reputation of our customers and help them become a Misconduct Resilient Organisation. We support our clients to respond quickly and confidently to a crisis, investigation or dispute. We also proactively advise on fraud, corruption and other business financial risks in order to reduce any risk of future problems.

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