Risk Advisory

Risk powers performance

Risks are a constant reality within organizations. Traditional risk management sees risks as something to be avoided so as to protect organizational value. But at Risk Advisory we see risks as potential for growth and for improving business performance. Our objective is to enable organizations to use risk management as a tool for becoming more agile and for empowering professionals to manage risks as efficiently as possible. All with the aim of creating value.

How do we do this? Risk Advisory helps clients to see the potential contained in risks and advises them on how to turn risks to their advantage. Our work can range from dealing with strategic challenges affecting financial institutions’ reputation to structuring cyber and privacy-related requirements.

Risk Advisory & Innovation

Risk management has to respond to all sorts of trends and developments. Our Risk Advisory team uses its wide-ranging expertise to develop new services, tools and products enabling a rapid response to changes. Our enterprising professionals will encourage you to think about how best to structure risk management and give you plenty of scope to develop your ideas.

Because I’m able to organize my own work and care for my family, I feel very much at ease here.
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Risk Advisory & Challenging work

Our department of over 700 professionals addresses complex risk management issues from a wide range of perspectives. And these can include challenges the client wasn’t even aware of. By thinking ahead and anticipating the latest legislation and regulations, for example, we work with clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives. As well as working in multidisciplinary teams for major multinationals in the Netherlands and abroad, we also provide customized services to clients with the organizational potential to become multinationals.

Risk Advisory & Learning & Development

In Risk Advisory we see personal development as a continual process. That’s why we encourage all our professionals, from starters to seniors, to keep on learning. That can mean learning more about your specialized field. But also improving competency-based soft skills, like giving and receiving feedback. We’ve set up various training programs to help you along the way. And as it’s also important to keep up with trends and developments in various sectors, we regularly arrange knowledge sessions where everyone can contribute their expertise. Lastly we know how much our professionals also want their knowledge to benefit wider society. That’s why we regularly take part in projects for the Deloitte Impact Foundation.

Technology has become my passion – my passion is my profession
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Risk Advisory & an informal and congenial working environment

Our culture is informal and encourages initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit. Together we work to achieve success for Risk Advisory, with everyone contributing their own expertise. Recognition, team spirit and coaching are just some of the elements helping us to succeed. And as well as working hard, it’s also important to have fun together. That’s why we arrange lots of social events, including an annual skiing trip, the LAN parties and regular social drinks.

Service Areas within Risk Advisory

Strategic & Reputation

Leading organizations take calculated risks, both when designing and launching new products and services, for example, and when entering new markets. But new players and technologies, including disruptors, can represent a major challenge by turning the entire market upside down. Do you have the insight needed to manage strategic and reputation risks and power business performance?

Regulatory Risk

Organizations need to meet complex regulatory demands, while also retaining the flexibility needed to anticipate change in a highly connected world. The Regulatory Risk team operates at the intersection of supervision, business and compliance. Can your approach add the value organizations are looking for?

Financial Risk

Vittorio Maio

Operating in a rapidly changing international environment requires both financial stability and liquidity. Results depend on the lasting resilience of organizations’ financial management, their models and their operating processes. Can you manage financial risks and help organizations gain a competitive advantage?

In Control of Responsible Enterprises

Organizations are continually exposed to risks from employee conduct, third parties, technology, data, business processes and controls. A well-defined, but also agile approach helps them manage these operational risks, while also ensuring they retain strategic flexibility. Can you help organizations minimize their operational risks and so optimize their performance?

Cyber Risk

These days, the whole world is digitally connected. And that increases the risk of cyber threats. Organizations need to be secure, vigilant and agile to minimize risks and also make optimal use of the new opportunities created by connectivity. Do you have the cyber skills needed to improve businesses’ performance?

Digital Risk Solutions

Digital Risk Solutions combines our expertise and commercial experience in the field of risk management. We use technology platforms to create value through technology with and for our clients. And we supply this as a managed service or in the form of solutions-as-a-service. Do you have what it takes to contribute proactively and innovatively to creating value for our clients?

Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics supports our customers in transforming their risks by providing innovative thinking and insights and prospects from data and technology. We help organizations transform into an insight-driven organization that can respond quickly to developments.



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