Tax & Legal

Welcome at the biggest Tax practice.

Are you looking for a dynamic job as a tax lawyer or legal advisor? Then Deloitte Tax & Legal is your place to be. We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax and legal departments of our clients. People in these departments spend a lot of time finding and analyzing data based on outdated and suboptimal methodologies. We improve their work through technology. 

Tax & Legal & Innovation

Through our knowledge of data analytics and other innovations, and our partnerships with various large software vendors, we are able to stay ahead. We work on the latest tools and functionalities. Combined with our deep legal and tax knowledge this means we can offer unique products. This is why many leading clients choose to work with us.

At Deloitte you’re always surrounded by people who are fully focused and fast. That really suits me.
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Tax & Legal & Challenging work

We offer you challenging work and variety. The issues we work on are complex, we have to manage various deadlines and work with other disciplines, such as M&A and Real Estate. You need to know and understand what issues your client is faced with, but you also need a deep knowledge of your own specialization and its rules and regulations. Your clients usually don’t have one problem in one particular country, but face various challenges in many countries. Never a dull moment!

Tax & Legal & Learning & Development

As a new tax lawyer or legal advisor, you join your new hire week, but you also do other learning programs. For instance, you go to summer schools with your peers, and train your soft skills. Also, there is a weekly technical meeting (VTO), and once in every six weeks you discuss a topic in more depth with your peers. Since we work in open office areas, it is easy to consult your colleagues.

We try our utmost to create a culture that recognizes, embraces and respects our differences, as well as acknowledges the added value.
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Tax & Legal & Informal and friendly work climate

Our teams are young and very sociable. We don’t just go for a drink with our own team, but also with other teams within Tax & Legal. Don’t feel pressured to be there, but is very easy to join your coworkers whenever you feel like it. Whether you want to go for a bite, go out, do sports (soccer, running during our lunch break) or go skiing.



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