” I’m proud to be a role model for the next generation of mothers in our firm, and for junior colleagues ”

Charlotte Vandekerckhove,
Manager M&A.

Within a time span of nine years, Charlotte Vandekerckhove has worked at two member firms and four service lines. After a joining Deloitte Belgium as a graduate she switched to Deloitte Netherlands, six years ago. In the meantime she became a manager, a mother of two, and found her “niche” with the M&A team within Monitor Deloitte. According to her, Deloitte has always offered her the flexibility she needed to make important choices in life.

‘I enjoy the challenge of solving complex business problems and always approach them from both a people perspective as well as from the usual analytical view. In an M&A context, a successful integration is crucial to unlock deal value. It’s my job to be an orchestrator to manage the scale and complexity of M&A programmes.

This involves bringing people together and guiding them to deliver synergies and other business results, convincing our clients to support initiatives and driving these towards successful implementations. What energizes me is this combination of structured problem solving and the use of emotional intelligence to get people involved.'


What energizes me is the combination of structured problem solving and the use of emotional intelligence to get people involved.

'Our M&A team is growing yearly and has become a diverse and tight knit group where everybody contributes to its success. The team consists of women and men, with various educational backgrounds and multiple nationalities, both young and more experienced, all with a passion for M&A.

I like working with this variety of people, each brings their own unique expertise and background, but we are united by the same mind set: a common drive to offer our clients the best possible experience while having fun. Additionally, major M&A projects provide an extra dimension when it comes to teams, since we usually work with various parts of Deloitte, both cross business unit, cross country, and cross offering.’


‘Recently, I have been involved a one of the largest global integration projects within the logistics industry. Initially, I worked from France in order to prepare the integration for that country. After a period in which I had my two children, I returned to this client to help with an entirely different aspect of the integration: the global restructuring of the legal entities. Although I’m mostly focused on large integrations, we also do shorter projects within M&A, for instance in the field of due diligence prior to an acquisition.’


‘After I became a manager, I gave birth to our first child, and a year later our youngest child was born. On both occasions, I was able to extend my maternity leave with a few weeks of parental leave and I worked four days a week before going back to full time. Combining an ambitious career and motherhood is not without its challenges. At the same time, I have had support in many ways and from different people within Deloitte – both when it comes to flexibility and from a network of young mums.

I’m especially proud that I can be a role model for the next generation of mothers within our firm, and for junior colleagues. For instance, when I was expecting our daughter, I worked with a team of five young male consultants. For me and for them, a pregnant manager was a novelty. I have great memories of that time and am proud that they are working at a place where this situation is considered to be normal practice.’


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