” I broaden my horizons by delving deeper into big data. ”

Kim van Noorloos,
Data Scientist.

After starting as a pension consultant at Deloitte, Kim van Noorloos has recently made the switch to the data science team in the role of Data Scientist Financial Advisory. In her new job, she is discovering the immense potential of big data applications.

'At a large, worldwide organisation like Deloitte you have a lot of room to grow professionally– both upwards and sideways. When I got the opportunity to join the new data science team, I jumped at the offer. This team is important to Deloitte because it enables Deloitte to use and analyse the larger and larger data collections companies have. To take our own company as an example, we maintain our internal data, client data, and data from other (external) sources. By delving deeper into this information, we can often gain new insights. We learn to see a context in seemingly unconnected data, and that opens up unimagined opportunities.

One of my projects is to make the Deloitte data easier to read and handle. But we're also in the midst of creating and developing data applications for our clients. An example is how we make reports interactive for readers. Also, the data science team helps other departments of Deloitte Financial Advisory with their specific data related questions. And we support our colleagues in carrying out their innovative ideas. That's typical for how Deloitte works: everyone helps each other reach solutions together.

Rooted in reality with your gaze on the horizon, that's how you stay sharp.

We’ve hardly begun to discover the immense potential of data. We often surprise other departments (as well as our own!) with new applications. Of course, some knowledge sharing is required. Whenever a Deloitte colleague thinks that some process could be made faster or better, it's our time to shine. We spread the word about data analysis solutions and make sure colleagues find their way to us. Also, we exchange experiences and information with data science teams in other Deloitte offices across the world, for example those in Scandinavia, Belgium and India. The more we share and contribute to each other's projects, the better they all become. That's Deloitte in a nutshell.

In addition to data analysis, we also use other technologies to make everybody's job easier. Think, for example, about artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain tech. Not only do we improve our own internal processes, but we also serve our clients directly. After all, these technologies are relevant to them now and will only become more so as time goes on. I think over the next few years, data science will grow into a bigger and bigger topic. We already have many interesting projects coming our way. And although we stay rooted in reality, it's in Deloitte's DNA to keep our gaze on the horizon. As a result, work is challenging and you stay sharp every step of the way.'

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