Making an impact that matters

Read stories from our colleagues

Deloitte is an employer that offers more than challenging work. You meet interesting colleagues and people from different companies around the world. In this way you build a network with valuable contacts that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Read stories from our colleagues

Working on your own future. And that of lonely seniors?

Max and Naïma work in an inspiring workshop in the Garage - the Deloitte Digital building in Amsterdam - on care robot Alice. Alice is a social robot that helps alleviate loneliness in the elderly. Read more about how they do this

Working on complex IT projects. And on your own evolution as a developer?

Xavyr never expected to work as a developer at Deloitte. Now that he works there, he explains why the knowledge of a corporate gives you enormous power as a developer at Deloitte.

Collaborating on digital solutions. And joining forces to clean up the oceans?

Anna and Doreen make an important contribution to The Ocean Cleanup - a Dutch foundation that develops technologies to rid oceans of plastic waste. They explain that Deloitte gives you possibilities to develop on different topics and projects that you are passionate about.

Finding solutions to cybercrime. And attracting more women to IT?

As a Cyber Risk Services Manager, Esther offers a diverse range of companies advice as to how to keep their digital environments secure. She also actively supports the position of women in IT, for example by speaking at high schools.

Working on bringing together companies. And colleagues from various fields?

Wanda helps large companies invest in - or collaborate with - scale-ups. She explains that her team is not only interested in the acquisition or the merger, but also in the underlying strategy.

Harnessing the power of big data. And of a global network?

Kim works in the data science team as Data Scientist Financial Advisory. Here she discovers the broad application possibilities of big data. Read more about it in her story.

  • Making an impact that matters

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