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Remco Goes

Senior manager Deloitte Corporate Finance

Michelle Leclercq

Manager Operational Transaction Services

Our financial advisors work behind the scenes – sometimes in the utmost secrecy – on transactions that reach the front pages of all the newspapers. In order to offer good advice to large, international, and often publically listed companies, it helps if you understand yourself what being an entrepreneur entails. At Deloitte, you will get the space to do that.

Michelle Leclercq, Manager Operational Transaction Services, helps the largest enterprises to grow with her small team who are themselves enterprising:

‘I love dynamism and always try to approach situations from many perspectives. After studying in Reims and Utrecht, I finished my masters in ‘Law and Economics’ at the universities of Hamburg, Bologna, and Rotterdam. I started at one of the Big 4 offices as Junior Advisor M&A and was soon on a clear career path. But I’m not motivated by promotions, big cars, or huge salaries. That’s why I resigned and instead went to study veterinary medicine. That may seem like a crazy choice, but for me the connection is ultimately in the analyzing and diagnosing of issues. That’s actually what I do at Deloitte: we are a team of specialists who examine businesses and give advice on how their internal physiology can be improved.

Within Operational Transaction Services, we basically deal with three types of assignments: The first type are integrations which involve a fusion of (similar) businesses, where we investigate and then calculate which synergy benefits this can bring and help to prepare the transaction for up to one year to the signing of the deal. The second type is a carve-out where a particular company section will be divested and here, for example, we quantify how this section might be made to operate independently. The third type is an upside analysis, my favorite. During an operational due diligence, we make within a short time a basic analysis of a company’s activities, how they are organized, and how possible improvements might have a beneficial effect on the financial figures and therefore on the valuation of a company. 

'What strikes me about Deloitte is the space that we get to work autonomously. Besides the work we do with our core team, the composition of a project team varies with each project.'

I find it fascinating work. You create hypotheses in a structured way with a variety of analyses to prove it. On the one hand, the work is quantitative in character, but on the other hand it’s truly about getting information from data and also from interviews or site visits – and this information has to be interpreted in the right way. I often work with tight deadlines and am challenged to be both critical and original, and through this always to create impact with my work. Behind every figure, there is part of a business and, through our work, we can possibly change the future of that business.

What strikes me about Deloitte is the space that we get to work autonomously. Besides the work we do with our core team, the composition of a project team varies with each project. We also work a great deal with colleagues from other (international) teams. Of course, we are all a part of the great Deloitte, but in everyday practice it sometimes feels like we are a small business. We get the chance to define our own roles within projects – and outside of them – and to think about our own business proposition. And this applies whether you are a manager like me or someone fresh out of university.  

This progressive approach is really something from Deloitte; with my earlier employers we would often work to standard models. You also see that in our recruitment – we take on less and less candidates that match the old business model. The focus is now on ‘smart cookies’ who have high analytical skills combined with good people skills. Deloitte doesn’t have the cumbersome nature typical of many huge corporations. Think of it as a very large network where you can develop yourself as a professional through putting out lines to people or services that suit you and which give you positive energy.’

Making an impact that matters

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