Making an impact that matters

Rob Peters

Senior Manager Deloitte Risk Advisory

Albert Zandvoort

Junior Manager Data en Reporting Advisory

Deloitte realizes like no other that the organization which doesn’t innovate will increasingly find success more difficult to achieve. And so, to stimulate innovation, Deloitte wants to make space for people like Albert, who have self-development and entrepreneurship in their DNA.

Albert Zandvoort, Junior Manager Data and Reporting Advisory at Deloitte, began the dual Certified Public Accountant (CPA) program at Nyenrode in 2010. This meant one day a week studying and four days a week working at Deloitte:

‘After my pre-university education, I wanted to continue my studies and get to work, so the dual CPA program was an ideal choice. This way, I was not only able to become a chartered accountant at Deloitte, but there was also a broader, more advisory role in the future. That’s why I chose Deloitte.

Deloitte offers a lot of opportunity for talents that are up for a challenge. Off course you need to be proactive and utilize the opportunities when they are provided to you. Fortunately, I had the opportunity (and took it) to realize my ambition to develop myself as professional by joining the Data and Reporting Advisory team – a whole other world then core accountancy. While accountancy work is fairly predictable, I now run many advisory projects for which I don’t know the solutions beforehand. I am fond of the variety of these assignments – which are part of Data and Reporting –and it gives me the opportunity to deliver impactful projects. Also, the depth I looked for in my work as an accountant has provided me with a firm ground in my new role as a Consultant offering a broader advisory service.

‘‘By using scripts developed in-house, we analyzed a gigantic amount of data.’

For example, take the following project: After switching to a new system of administration, a large company suspected that something had gone wrong with the turnover. In the beginning, I wasn’t altogether sure where to start, but we went into it with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. Using scripts we developed in-house, we analyzed a gigantic amount of data. The result was this: it turned out that millions had indeed been misplaced. Talk about impact!

From a traditional accountant, I now feel more like a next generation auditor with an interest in data. My work at Deloitte suits me down to the ground. I’m very happy that I could develop myself into an all-round advisor, while at the same time acquiring my CPA qualification through the practical internship at Financial Audit.

I don’t know what it’s like at other companies, but I don’t experience a hierarchy at Deloitte. That creates a lot of freedom, such as being able to set your own agenda. It also offers opportunities because not everything is fixed. Whoever has a good idea can carry it out. You continuously grow from the projects you do and also from the many experienced Deloitters with whom you work.

My future plans? I’d like to focus on reporting assignments with a data component and vice versa. Thankfully, that’s also possible here. I will probably follow courses in the area of Python and SQL in order to expand my data knowledge. And with this specialization, I can make even more impact for clients; that’s really what makes my work satisfying.’

Making an impact that matters

Like Albert, do you think about how something could be improved? And do you want the freedom and means to make your idea a reality? Then check out our job vacancies.

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