Making an impact that matters

Joost Kremers is a Junior Manager within the Cyber Operations team. He has been working for a payment industry organization as a consultant for over two years now. But Joost is making an impact in another new role, too:

“The GLOBE idea popped up in the Netherlands during an informal conversation about half a year ago. GLOBE is an acronym for Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees. GLOBE has now been launched within Deloitte and I am one of its core members. The GLOBE network had already been around in the US and the UK for some time, but it had not yet taken root in the Netherlands. The reason was quite legitimate; until then no-one had stopped to think this might be important for Deloitters and people considering a career at Deloitte.

Deloitte wants the solutions it develops for its clients to have an impact. In my view, doing so requires two things. First of all, the solutions for the issues our clients face will be more original if they are crafted by a team whose composition is diverse. Deloitte often uses a whole range of tricks and the solutions needed in the future will need to be highly creative as well. Secondly, research shows people’s productivity to increase by 30% if they ‘can be themselves’ compared with people who cannot. So, this delivers a direct impact for our clients.

“My manager thought this was very important, he wore that pink bracelet for a month.”

People often talk about setting quota. I’m against this myself. I believe a natural relationship will grow if people are allowed to be themselves. I’m fine with it if colleagues consider me to be a leader: I will always be myself. We make sure our activities are visible within Deloitte, like we did the last time during a FRANK, when we distributed 200 pink bracelets with the text ‘Being your authentic self’. The enthusiasm of the people present showed this initiative to be appreciated within Deloitte.

GLOBE otherwise creates awareness, too, going beyond the idea of GLOBE itself. Deloitte has also joined Workplace Pride, an Amsterdam based umbrella organization fighting for greater acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in organizations and society.

One look at their site shows all kinds of major organizations to participate. Deloitte can thus show it wants to reflect society, just like all other organizations. One where people with different backgrounds, ideas, identities, and whatever else they contribute have fun in collaborating to create solutions for our clients. This is what makes me feel at home, so I can totally be myself.”

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