Making an impact that matters

As a Tax Consultant, it’s very important to keep your professional knowledge up to date. Although the Dutch tax landscape is already very dynamic, it’s worth your while to occasionally push against your own boundaries. By doing this, we at Deloitte believe that you boost your professional knowhow as well as your commercial knowledge and experience.

Rutger te Slaa, Director Real Estate and Hotel Transactions at Deloitte Tax, exchanged the Zuidas for The City and came back with rich experiences and an even richer real estate portfolio:

‘After studying Tax Law, I chose for a job at Deloitte partly because of the company’s international character. It was always my personal wish to live and work abroad for a time: to be part of a different society, work with people from other countries, and learn from another culture. After a couple of years, I applied for an internal vacancy and could go for a year to New York. Totally awesome of course, but also quite an adventure. You go without friends or colleagues. The first weeks I sat every evening alone with a pizza on my lap. You’re ‘the new guy’, so you really have to do your best to build something up.

After I got back, I spent three years working in Amsterdam; within Deloitte Tax, I was focused on the real estate industry. When I was asked if I wanted to strengthen a real estate team in London, I didn’t have to think twice. London is the real estate capital of Europe, so it was a unique opportunity to get some experience there. Together with my girlfriend, I moved to an apartment on the outskirts of The City and immersed myself in the British culture of hard work and long hours. Over there, you’re in the office to work and you do any chitchat in the pub afterwards.

All the major investors are in London, so it was the perfect place to build client relationships. And because so many real estate deals were coordinated from London to other Deloitte offices in Europe, I gained a lot of experience with the tax legislation of other countries. I also learned a lot about the commercial approach to customers. There are no taxation studies in England; everything is learned on the job. And so their thinking is: What does our customer need? Whereas we in the Netherlands sometimes get caught up in fiscal technicalities instead of looking for more pragmatic solutions.

‘The 10 years that I was with Deloitte have flown by. But the years abroad stay with you.’

Since then, I’ve been back for a year and a half, and in the beginning it was hard to re-adjust. But I soon got the chance to build up our real estate team and now I have a unique position with a lot of responsibility. Pushing against my own boundaries has definitely contributed to this. In New York, I was young and my growth was mostly in personal development, but in London I really grew professionally. And thanks to the network of clients and European colleagues that I’ve built up, they know where to find me for real estate projects. And although I would sooner not lose my team members, I encourage them to get experience abroad. You become so much better off in so many areas. If I look back on my period with Deloitte, from then until now, I can see how the international experience gave my career a real boost.’

Making an impact that matters

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