” Joining forces to clean up the oceans. ”

Anna Snijdoodt and Doreen Fassaert,

Deloitte Digital consultant Anna Snijdoodt advises clients on smart digital solutions. Her colleague Doreen Fassaert assesses and improves organizational structures as an Organization Design Consultant. Together they provide an important contribution to The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch foundation that develops technologies to remove plastic waste from the oceans.

What are your day-to-day activities at Deloitte?

Anna: ‘At Deloitte Digital, we pinpoint the consumers' needs and translate those insights into new strategies or concepts. Deloitte Digital consists of two main groups: Advisory & Design and Engineering. The colleagues working at Engineering develop online and mobile platforms, whereas Advisory & Design sets the strategy and develops things like digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. I work in Advisory & Design. From strategy to development, we use the combined knowhow of our group to deliver smart products and services tailored to the client.’

Doreen: ‘As part of my daily activities I assess and improve the organizational structures of organizations, keeping in mind their culture and environment. Restructuring in particular requires a good deal of professional advice as companies choose to merge, expand, downsize, or become more agile. One of our current clients wants to centralize its HR domain. So we provide advice on the various aspects of transitioning from a decentralized to a centralized business model, and on the related governance. What we do is make sure the new organization structure reflects the underlying strategy.’

How did your cooperation with The Ocean Cleanup begin?

Anna: ‘My passion for sustainability awakened when I was studying at Delft University. I dedicated my master’s thesis to researching how sustainability can contribute to the profitability of companies. So when I heard Deloitte had become a knowledge partner of The Ocean Cleanup, I couldn't wait to get involved.’

Doreen: ‘The Ocean Cleanup was already on my radar before I found out that Deloitte puts time and effort into this non-profit organization. Right from the start I thought: now that's a clever design. We actively contribute to The Ocean Cleanup through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, a platform we’ve set up to apply our talent for the benefit of socially relevant organizations. At Deloitte, we’re all encouraged to spend at least 1% of our hours working on Impact Foundation projects.

So what exactly are you doing to keep the oceans clean?

Anna: ‘Well, we’re not wading in with a fishing net and bucket! We specialize in advice, after all. Many colleagues at Deloitte contribute to the sponsorship of The Ocean Cleanup, both in the Netherlands and abroad. It's a kind of joint effort you often come across at Deloitte. My Tax colleagues support the Ocean Cleanup with fiscal and financial matters, Monitor Deloitte advises on business models and sponsoring, and our risk experts provide the data security.’

Doreen: ‘As part of a larger account team, Anna and I have taken up the role of project managers. We’re the link between The Ocean Cleanup and Deloitte. Every three months, we organize a meeting between both parties. Which challenges does The Ocean Cleanup experience? What concrete help can we provide? It's inspiring to see the enthusiasm among our colleagues. Many  of us spontaneously come up with ideas to boost The Ocean Cleanup's effectivity.’

Anna: We really put our heads together to find solutions. As a fast-growing startup of sorts, The Ocean Cleanup experiences problems on a daily basis that don't have an immediate solution. That's where we come in. Deloitte gives you a lot of opportunity to get involved with various social topics and projects you're passionate about. The Ocean Cleanup is just one of the many great examples.’

What impact will you make?

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Images: The Ocean Cleanup

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