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Should we enter a new market and how should we do that? Where in the world should we place new stores to better serve our customers? What value propositions will convince customers to buy our product? Could we grow our market share by acquiring a competitor? How can we use innovation to grow our competitive advantage or reach sustainable goals? How can a company turn-around its negative results back to double-digit growth?

Monitor Deloitte: a challenging & inspiring environment

These are all questions you will be solving when working for Monitor Deloitte, the strategy consulting practice of Deloitte. We support the world’s biggest, most influential companies across a wide range of industries with their most complex strategic choices. You will be working together with the client from Day 1, not rarely being surrounded by board-level executives. You will be working in a high-paced environment with a high level of responsibility. Working for Monitor Deloitte also provides you with the opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary teams, allowing you to learn from colleagues across different offerings. For example, together with analytics we make sure that strategic choices are based on data-driven insights. Or we work together with business model transformation to guide clients from strategy into execution and make sure that transformation is realized.

Within Monitor Deloitte, we have three offerings each with its own area of expertise: Strategy and Business Design, Customer Strategy and M&A Strategy. These offerings together form the Monitor Deloitte community, all with strategy being the core of our work. You have the option to apply for one of these offerings (see our vacancies below).

In charge of your own development

At Monitor Deloitte, you decide on your own future. Working for global clients means that you have the opportunity to work on international projects. You also have the option to work for a Deloitte firm abroad or pursue an MBA. Next to working for clients, Monitor Deloitte provides you with ample opportunities to work on internal initiatives to make sure that we stay ahead of the game. We conduct pro-deo societal work for clients like “The Ocean Cleanup” (via our Impact foundation). Furthermore, we are committed to developing your skills through an extensive learning curriculum, to creating a sense of home in our diverse and driven community and above all, to having fun in our team!

Our three teams

Monitor Deloitte consists of three teams, each with its own focus, these are:

Strategy & Business Design

Our Strategy & Business Design team focuses on helping private companies with defining corporate and business unit strategies. We also support public institutions, both nationally and internationally, with defining new policy strategies. We help our clients to anticipate disruption and design future portfolios. We are the orchestrators of complex strategic transformations.

M&A Strategy

Our M&A Strategy team focuses on advising major corporates across the entire M&A lifecycle. We develop options for inorganic growth, lead integrations and separations from strategy to execution and drive functional integrations in the field of Commercial, Operations and Backoffice and identify top-line and cost synergy opportunities. We make an impact that matters in complex transformations across different sectors and industries.

Customer Strategy

Our Customer Strategy team focuses on helping our clients define their growth strategies and innovation portfolios to create and drive change in a digital world. We help them discover, design, and prototype in an agile way. We bring knowledge and offerings to uncover the behaviors, motivations, and preferences of our clients’ customers and develop new experiences for them.

Recent project examples

Using strategy to develop new sustainable offerings

Malnutrition, depletion of natural resources, pollution and climate change. These challenges impact organizations, but also create opportunities for company growth. Monitor Deloitte helped a global materials and nutrition company to explore unmet needs and identify new sustainable offerings in Singapore and Jakarta.

Applying strategic models to reduce plastic pollution

How much does plastic waste cost us yearly? We helped our partner The Ocean Cleanup to put a number on this, to raise awareness and create urgency on the topic of damage caused by plastic pollution.

Helping a bank enter the 21st century

Driven by new Open Banking regulations and changing customer needs, a leading Dutch bank needed to act in order to stay relevant for its customers. Monitor Deloitte, together with other Deloitte colleagues from Risk and IT, supported the bank to innovate their core lending business by building a new platform.

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