” My challenge is: focusing on what clients need and how we can tweak our services to help them ”

Daniëlle Schuitemaker,
Strategy Officer Clients & Industries.

Danielle Schuitemaker’s job is literally one of a kind. As a Strategy Officer at Clients & Industries (C&I) she joins strategy meetings on the highest level of the organization and converts strategy into actions to maintain or strengthen Deloitte's customer contacts. Her drive is to continuously discover improvements.

‘After I finished my Business Administration bachelor at VU Amsterdam and my Strategy & Organization master, I took classes in Marketing and Psychology at the San Diego State University for half a year. My first marketing and sales job was at a large computer company. In 2017 I joined Deloitte as a Marketing Consultant, where I developed marketing campaigns for the public sector. Last summer, just when I was ready to make the next move, my current position became available.’

‘There is only one Strategy Officer within C&I, that's me. But I’m part of a diverse team of nearly eighty people, with a common goal to strengthen our brand and our client relations, and to accelerate client growth. We don’t focus on marketing our own propositions, but on what clients need and how we can adjust our services to help them.

At the moment, I’m defining actions based on some of the strategic pillars, and converting them into tangible results. What is most important, is maximum collaboration within our team and with our partners in the business, and having the client as a focal point for everything we do.’


A critical eye is always valued, even from younger colleagues with a different perspective.

‘What I like about the Deloitte company culture is the accessibility. At C&I we often have meetings on the highest level – for instance on how to optimize the relationship with Chief Information Officers at several organizations, or how to start a marketing campaign that fits the unique needs of a client. In discussions with board members I can really express my ideas and opinions. A critical eye is always valued, even from younger colleagues with a different perspective.’

‘Beforehand, I did not expect that it would be so easy to leave your mark on how we communicate issues or how we shape plans. To a large extent you’re free to choose your own approach and time table – it’s the result that counts. In fact, I don’t spend much time on making elaborate plans, they often fit on one single page.’


‘It’s fun to work at the heart of the organization with lots of smart people around me to learn from. You can share and discuss new ideas with colleagues, as well as have a drink with them. Also, Deloitte is a place to grow, since it’s such a large organization. I once joked to my manager that I would like to eventually become Chief Operations Officer. At the moment I’m busy launching a new approach for the Dutch C&I organization, but it might also be great to do this for a firm that is less advanced in this field.’



‘I like working as smart and efficiently as possible, but I also take time every now and then to have lunch outside the office or to do sports. For instance, I have joined the fierce Deloitte hockey team. We play against other companies. Also, I have applied for a Deloitte Impact Foundation project to coach pupils who have trouble finding a job. At Deloitte, you are free to determine where and when you work. My department is based in Rotterdam, but I can also work from the Amsterdam office near my home and cycle to work, which I love.’

  • Never stop growing. At Deloitte.

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