” My wish to go abroad was fulfilled quickly – that’s the spirit around here ”

Dennis Oosterhuis,
Senior Manager SME Integrated Services.

Since 2012, Dennis Oosterhuis has been working at Deloitte SME Integrated Services. Pretty soon, he went to India for a project. He liked it so much that he remained there from 2014 to 2019. Last summer he returned to the Netherlands, but he is still in charge of the team in India. According to him, it is very special that Deloitte offered him the opportunity for his successful adventure abroad.

‘After I studied Business Economics & Accounting, I did a follow-up study Accounting. Later on, I finished the practical training AA-Accountancy “on the job”. I started at one of the Big Four firms and switched to Deloitte in 2012. Soon, I was able to go to India to do a two-month project. I ended up staying there for four months. I have always had the aspiration to go abroad, and from the first day I really liked being in India.’

‘In 2013, I went back to India, and a year later I was asked to go there for a longer period of time. After thinking this through thoroughly – also because my wife was pregnant – we left for Hyderabad in 2014. It took a while to get used to living in a secure residential compound and being driven everywhere. All in all, we loved the country in terms of culture, travelling, the tropical climate, and – of course – the job.’


As accountants, we used to look back, but – especially at Deloitte – now we look ahead and also focus on non-financial issues.

‘Our Indian colleagues are fully involved in the projects, just like their Dutch colleagues. In that way, we are a best practice in the market. The melting pot of cultures and background is fun, but it also provides us with various angles and creative ways of collaboration. The biggest part of the team in India has now been added to the Dutch offices. In my area, two Indian colleagues are part of our team. They join our planning meetings and team meetings.’


‘Next to leading “team India” and working as an accountant for SMEs in the Zwolle area, I am also the contact for many Dutch colleagues and for Deloitte Dutch Caribbean in the field of professional expertise. What I like about my profession and my work as an SME accountant, is that you often literally sit at their kitchen table to advise about matters such as business succession.

In the past, we used to focus mostly on numbers, but now we also take into account business models and business processes. As accountants, we used to look back, but – especially at Deloitte – now we look ahead. The focus is more and more on non-financial issues, on where the company will be next year and in five years’ time, and topics such as sustainability. It’s very interesting to trigger entrepreneurs about these topics and think along pro-actively with them.’


‘At Deloitte there is plenty of room to follow your own career path, but you can always change your mind. For instance, one of our team members is IT savvy and wants to go digital. In the near future he will be joining clients and IT providers to advise about software packages and system integration.

What I like about the Deloitte SME practice is that the work is varied, from accounting and (audit) advisory to tax, M&A and IT optimization, and that you are free to choose what works for you and what you prefer. My wish to go abroad was fulfilled quickly – that’s the spirit around here. If you are clear about what you want and discuss this, there are plenty of opportunities.’

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