Introduction encompasses various separate global, national, regional or practice-specific websites; each website is managed by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“DTTL”) or by one of the associated offices or related entities (together referred to as “the Deloitte network”). These separate websites are referred to in the upper right corner of each web page.
This Privacy Statement solely applies to the specific websites of intended for the Netherlands, as stated in the upper right corner, hereinafter referred to as “this Website”.
Deloitte Netherlands, the member firm associated with DTTL for the Netherlands (hereinafter also referred to as “we” or “our”), is a global organisation that handles your privacy with due care. We are the entity within the Deloitte network that manages this Website. This Privacy Statement explains how we protect the data collected from visitors through this Website.
Please note that the separate global, national, regional or practice-specific websites that fall under are managed by other entities within the Deloitte network and, hence, not by us. This Privacy Statement does not apply to those and any other websites that may be linked to this Website. We recommend visitors to carefully examine each Privacy Statement of those other websites before providing personal data.
This Privacy Statement can be supplemented or amended from time to time by Privacy Statements that are specific to certain components of this Website (e.g., staff recruitment). Please carefully examine the applicable specific statement for further information on the recruitment procedure through the Internet.

Data collection 

Visitors can use the Website without providing any personal data. This Website solely collects personal data that visitors have provided clearly and voluntarily. The said data may include your name, current position, company address, email address, phone number and fax number.
Likewise, we are permitted to store and manage any content you provide, such as statements on blogs, forums, wikis and other Social media applications and any services we provide.
We do not collect any specific personal data, such as data about visitors’ race or ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, police records, physical and mental health condition, or sexual inclinations. If necessary, we will explicitly request your authorisation to collect and use the said data.

Log data, cookies and web beacons 

By way of standard, this Website collects Internet log data, such as your IP address, type of browser and language, time of access and referring website addresses. To ensure proper management of this Website and enable the smoothest navigation as possible, we or our service providers may use cookies (small text files stored in users’ browsers) or web beacons (electronic images, enabling this Website to count how many visitors have visited a specific page and gain access to certain cookies) for collecting aggregate data. Our Cookie Statement contains additional data about how we use cookies and other tracking technologies and how you can retain control over this.

Use of data 

You may provide personal data through this Website, e.g., to gain access to specific content, to attend an event through this Website, to respond to research, or to file a request for sending information on a specific area of interest. If so, the information you have provided will be used to meet your request and to adapt and improve this Website and related services we provide you with in accordance with your wishes. We may also use your personal data for marketing purposes, or to send you advertising materials, or report on services provided by entities within the Deloitte network, if we think they may be of importance to you. We are also permitted to contact you and ask for feedback about services provided by entities within the Deloitte network, or for market or other research purposes.
We are permitted to use your personal data to protect our own rights or properties and those of our users and, if necessary, to comply with legal proceedings.
At all times you can request us to no longer send any emails or reports prepared in response to the personal data you have provided through this Website.

Disclosure of data to third parties 

We can provide your personal data to other entities within the Deloitte network, so that you will receive information that may be of importance to you, and to perform market or other research. It is permitted to also provide personal data to other entities within the Deloitte network and to other parties, if this serves to meet your requests (for information); as part of company transactions such as sales, disposals, restructurings, mergers or acquisitions; or when those parties process information on our behalf.
Although we may provide visitor-related information to service providers that process this information for us, it is unusual for us to share this information with third parties or other components within the Deloitte network for secondary or unrelated purposes, except if users are informed about such third parties or other components when collecting the data .
However, personal data may be provided cross-border to other components within the Deloitte network or to third parties, for the purposes described above. The above also means that a transfer of personal data takes place to countries or regions that have no legislation for the protection of personal data that is equivalent to the protection that visitors of websites in their country of origin have. Nevertheless, at all times will we take appropriate measures, so any such transfer of data will have a proper level of protection.
By providing information through this Website you approve of disclosures as described above.

Blogs, forums, wikis, and other social media 

This Website may host various blogs, forums, wikis and other social media applications or services through which you can share content with other users (collectively referred to as “Social media applications”). Any of your personal data or other contributions to a social media application may be read, collected, and used by other users of that application; we have no or hardly any control on that. Hence, we are not responsible for the use or abuse by other parties of your personal data or other contributions to Social media applications.

Inspection of data 

Individuals who wish to exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and, for instance, want to inspect or update data, or deregister for notifications, can contact us through the external webpage of Deloitte. We treat all requests for inspection or alteration of data in accordance with prevailing legislation and regulations.

Information security

We provide technology and operational security of a reasonable commercial standard to protect the information visitors provide through this Website against publication to or inspection, alteration or destruction by unauthorized persons.
Changes to our Privacy Statement 
We can adapt or amend this Privacy Statement as we see fit from time to time. Whenever we make such changes, we will adjust the abovementioned revision date, and the adapted or amended version will apply to you and your data as from the revision date. We advise you to check this Privacy Statement at regular intervals, to make sure you stay informed of the way in which we protect your data.

Protection of privacy of children 

We understand that it is important to protect the privacy of children in the interactive world of the Internet. This Website is not designed for or deliberately aimed at children aged 13 or under. It is not our policy to deliberately collect or store data about persons under 13 or younger.

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