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Knowledge and experience is what you bring to us as an professional. But the world around us is evolving constantly and to stand still is to regress. We offer many opportunities for increasing your knowledge and skills. So that you, and your career, are always developing.

Permanent development

Deloitte is driven by knowledge. Having knowledge and sharing knowledge. Being frontrunners in our discipline and actively contributing to this. We look further than our own organization. We have an international knowledge database. Investing in e-learning. Regularly publishing in leading publications. Providing professional training for our colleagues at home and abroad. And, partners and managers share their knowhow with students, by working as teachers or professors, besides their role at Deloitte.

Development Program

At the base of your personal development is the Development Program. This program offers training, with the four competencies Deloitte expects from her employees as a starting point:

  • Excellent service
  • Marketing, sales and communications
  • Effective management
  • Effective leadership

Twice a year, you determine, together with your coach or manager, which training would be interesting for you and what matches your needs and growth ambitions. This makes sure you get the best from our large range of available training.

Tailor-made education and training 

Deloitte offers a personal education program for everyone who comes to work with us. This comprises for a large part of training and courses that you take part in together with your colleagues, but also of an individual part. From day one we provide guidance in this. Per discipline, there’s a set program of education and training; after all, a tax lawyer uses different professional know-how than an accountant. There are also training courses abroad, which allow you to get acquainted with foreign Deloitte offices and colleagues.

Blended learning

In its educational program, Deloitte offers training in various forms. We call that ‘blended learning’. A mix of classical learning, e-learning, learning on the job and self-study. We have hundreds of e-courses available, for example, and you can get online certificates from Harvard Business School Publishing. And you can make use of Books 24/7, at any time, and anywhere. Books 24/7 is a virtual library with over 9,000 complete books. To make sure you don’t get lost in the overload of things on offer, we have online Learning Guides that help you choose the right modules and learning styles. Of course you will also learn a lot in our daily practice, in which you will be guided by a performance coach.

Business skills

Deloitte offers all her employees a wide range of business skills trainings. So that in your assignments you know all about the subject matter, but are also able to advise the client. That you can present and sell your plans. Manage projects and work together successfully in teams.

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge management ensures that you can always count on having the very latest news from your discipline available, that you can share your knowledge with colleagues and that all possible information is offered in a structured manner.


Deloitte uses a global tool for supporting and guiding employees. The Global Excellence Model. This model is based on the competencies we expect from all our employees. It helps you to determine the areas in which you need to further develop in order to grow. Your development is discussed twice a year, based on the competency model.

On the fast track?

When you bring out the best in yourself, we believe there are no barriers to your growth. Every two to three years, you progress to a new role and develop new skills. Depending on the role you start in when you join us, you can make the step towards becoming a partner within a few years.

Whatever your background, from day one, you work directly for clients. As a senior you develop into a project manager. From the level of manager you also have commercial tasks. The speed at which you progress depends on your performance, ambitions and own initiative.

International opportunities

Talent is has no boundaries. That’s why, at Deloitte, we offer you the opportunity to look outside the Netherlands. So that you can gain knowledge of other markets, but also of other cultures. Learn to deal with diversity in your team and get the opportunity to develop your leadership skills. International experience not only expands your horizon, it also helps us as an organization to broaden our view.

If you’re working for the corporate market within your discipline, you will work for many international clients, which means you’ll have to travel abroad from time to time. How often and for how long this is, differs per discipline and project. Within Tax for example, we have the Dutch Desk in New York where experienced professionals can go and work for a short, or longer, period of time. Our other disciplines also offer opportunities for a short or long stay abroad and of course we can always look at the possibilities for employment with a Deloitte office abroad.

Interested in a job outside of The Netherlands? Take a look at our international vacancies



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