” Sometimes it feels like you’re an entrepreneur within a corporate ”

Nikki Sewuster,
Senior SAP Consultant.

Nikki Sewuster studied Economics in Nijmegen and Organization Studies in Tilburg. In her graduation year she worked on a software implementation project in health care and discovered that both the people aspect and the technological side appealed to her. At Deloitte SAP Solutions all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit together.

‘The first company I worked for was a small consulting agency that mostly offered support. I was curious to find out how it would be to work for a bigger company in a more directive role. At Deloitte I was immediately put to the test. My first project was an ERP implementation project at an academic medical center. Because the location was a little remote, the entire team stayed at a hotel. A great way to really get to know each other.’

‘Pretty soon I became a Consultant, as I already had some working experience in that role. Currently I’m a Senior Consultant. I was involved in various projects, both in the private and the public sector, and travelled a lot. When I worked on a project in London, the dynamics were entirely different. For ten months I flew back and forth to the UK on a regular basis. I was working for a private organisation in the financial industry, and gained some valuable knowledge for future assignments.’


If you have not gained experience in a particular field you get the opportunity to try. That keeps surprising me. There’s always room for good ideas.

‘The more experience you build, the more duties you get and the more you are allowed to determine the progress of the project, identifying risks and acting upon them. You are assigned more responsibilities. I really enjoy managing people who are experiencing what I learned at the start of my career. It’s special that you’re in a position to share your own knowledge.’

‘The working culture at Deloitte is very informal. I had expected it to be more hierarchical. If you have not gained experience in a particular field you get the opportunity to try. That keeps surprising me. There’s always room for good ideas. If you have any substantive questions, your co-workers will always deliver feedback quickly, at all levels. It’s great teamwork, you can always count on support when you start working for a client. The work is always challenging, which is fun, and experience teaches you that at some point there will be some challenging moments and that you learn to handle them better every time.’


‘Sometimes it feels like you’re an entrepreneur within a corporate. There’s a large amount of freedom, which is exceptional. I want to expand my experience, for instance as a team leader. I would also like to add recruitment activities, for instance at In-house days. On behalf of our Impact Foundation I advise young people from Intermediate Vocational Education schools or other social backgrounds how to act in job interviews. Activities like this make you realise that our goals in work are to develop ourselves and to have fun, but that there are other perspectives as well.’

‘SAP is “booming”. Every company that works with SAP is supposed to switch to the latest upgrade, which often means an entirely new implementation project. It’s always special to finish a project and “go live” with the team and the client – to know that we have transformed and improved a pivotal part of the company. It gives me an immediate rush that I really like.’


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