” Talent is viewed as the valuable source for Deloitte ”

Annie Liu,
Manager Forensic & Financial Crime.

Cooperating with the law enforcement departments and lawyers to tackle fraud and financial crime? It sounds like a TV show but it is exactly what Annie’s job sometimes turns into. As a manager in Forensic & Financial Crime she helps companies investigate potential employee misconduct, fraud and financial crimes within the organization. From corruption to cybercrime. Needless to say it’s a cool job.

“Our work is like doctors of companies. We try to diagnose the susceptible area of fraud and non-compliance and help companies to stay healthy by strengthening their internal control systems”, Annie Liu (31) says. “The challenging part of our job is that every case is different and unique. Thus, we welcome people from various educational backgrounds and different work experiences to join our team and contribute with their different perspectives.

At Forensic & Financial Crime, we value every new idea. You can be fresh to this industry but still contribute brilliant ideas that might crack the case. The common ground I noticed in our forensic team is that people are sharp, straightforward and creative. As an investigator, you have to be able to think like a criminal. But also, you need a strong sense of integrity.”


You can be fresh to the industry but still contribute brilliant ideas that might crack the case.

For Annie, it’s a desirable job. “I started my career in the audit practice. But I soon learned that my interest and passion lies more in forensics. I therefore transferred to the forensic service line and worked at Deloitte China for almost five years. Last year I decided to move to the Netherlands. One of the reasons I wanted to go abroad is to challenge myself in new surroundings and gain different sets of skills, working in another cultural environment. Deloitte has always been very supportive of my relocation and helped me along the way to start the new chapter of my life and career in the Netherlands.

Talent is viewed as the valuable source for Deloitte. They focus on keeping talents on board and are keen on providing them with a wider platform to develop. As a professional, you truly feel appreciated here.”


One of the reasons Annie chose Deloitte the Netherlands is the company culture. “Our team is an inclusive and welcoming community. Colleagues are willing to support and offer guidance, particularly to new joiners. I also noticed there is quite a diversity in my team, not only in nationalities but also in skillsets and educational backgrounds. Deloitte respects different ways of working, which suits the local cultural environment“, Annie explains.

“Although it may differ from country to country in terms of how to reach the outcome, the importance of professionalism, quality and standards is always highly valued within Deloitte. In the Netherlands we are given more space to position ourselves in maximising the value we provide to our clients. But regardless where you are, at Deloitte we deliver the same high standard as a market leading company.”

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