” Technology has become my passion – my passion is my profession ”

Anneloes Geerts,
Manager Cyber Security.

At an early age, Anneloes Geerts discovered computers and developed websites. However, she preferred to do a Master in Criminology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam – not Technology. Still, the world of IT and cyber security kept drawing her attention, which eventually led to a career path at Deloitte Cyber Risk Advisory.

‘Working at a software company provided the right foundation for a career in cyber security. Subsequently, I joined a private investigation company, doing – amongst other things - red teaming assignments. I wanted to expand my knowledge of technology and knew that Deloitte is a big name in this field. So now I’ve been working here for more than three years and have recently become a manager.’


Red teaming is always quite exciting, since you’re doing something that is actually forbidden, even though you’ve been granted permission.

‘Cyber Risk Advisory consists of several teams. As a manager of Red Team Operations I’m mainly occupied with red teaming assignments. We help companies check their entire security, both on site and digital.

Usually the challenge is to get into a system without authorization. That is always quite exciting, since you’re doing something that is actually forbidden, even though you’ve been granted permission. Clients are sometimes “flabbergasted” with our results. Aftercare in particular energizes me. It’s wonderful if companies ask us to do another check a year later, to see if their security has actually improved.’


Within the Secure team most co-workers have a focus on technology. But it’s not that relevant what your study background is, as long as you have the right mind-set for IT and security. Working in this field should be your passion. We have colleagues from basically all parts of the world. It’s wonderful to see how we can discuss a problem from such various backgrounds and perspectives in order to find the best solution for the client.’

‘During assignments we have each other’s back. If you can’t solve a particular problem, there are always people willing to help you. The technological aspect of the assignments in particular helps us to bond. We want to know everything there is to know about the latest technologies in order to help our clients in the best way possible.’


‘Keeping up with new developments in your field of knowledge is pivotal, so it should be fun, even outside office hours. Colleagues need to keep their knowledge up to date. It really helps if your profession is your passion. Next to my daily work I’m also involved in Hack Right on behalf of Deloitte. Hack Right is a program that helps to prevent young people who have made a made a foolish mistake on the digital network from entering the world of cyber crime. It’s very satisfactory to help them develop their talents in the field of cyber – within the boundaries of the law, of course.’

‘So I’m quite involved in my field of expertise, both within and outside of Deloitte. Technology has really become my passion, even though I did not study Technology. By the way, when I joined Deloitte I was immediately allowed to enter the Global CyberLympics, which is a worldwide hacker competition. Our team ranked first in Europe. Two Deloitte teams actually made it to the global finals. The first team won and even though my team did not win an award, being in the finals in itself was already so much fun.’

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