” Transitioning to an innovative company was the right move for my career and me. ”

Kimberly Feldman,
Senior Consultant Salesforce.

Kimberly Feldman joined Deloitte’s Digital Customer team in January of 2020, with five years of consulting experience across the globe. She enjoys working with organizations to unveil the transformative power of technology and thrives in planning collaborative team activities.

Kimberly studied Economics and International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the U.S.. Before she went to university she did a gap year in Chile as a Rotary International Youth Exchange Program Scholar. During university she spent a summer in Norway, attending the international summer school at the University of Oslo.

“When I first started my career I worked for a consulting company U.S.. I worked in the Higher Education practice, focused on implementing HR and grant management systems for research institutions and universities across the U.S..


There is a lovely sense of work-life balance here, and there is a lot more for me to discover.

After a few years I moved to my next employer, which is a global consultancy that amplifies the impact of the social sector through cloud and mobile technology. That organization wanted to open an office in Amsterdam and asked me if I would be willing to support in opening the office, which was an interesting professional opportunity for me. In August 2018 I moved to the Netherlands and immediately loved it here.

While working in the social impact industry is very meaningful and rewarding, there is a lot of interesting technology work going on in the commercial sector. I wanted to work for an innovative company like Deloitte with some of the big name companies and on larger scale projects.

Throughout the interview process with Deloitte, I had positive conversations with multiple people and it became clear that transitioning to Deloitte was the right move for my career and for me personally. I joined the Salesforce team within Digital Customer, and I’m currently working on an internal project to support Deloitte’s CRM system rollout.


In my previous job in the Netherlands I worked mainly with other expats, but in my new role at Deloitte I’m really enjoying working in a more Dutch organization. I’m trying to learn Dutch, and fortunately my colleagues are very gracious about that and are really patient with me.

When I first started at Deloitte we had a day of training with new joiners across all functions, as well as a few additional days of training with starters in Consulting. Not long after this, I had the opportunity to attend Deloitte University, meeting others at my level in the Consulting function. Deloitte does a really great job of getting new joiners set up with a coach, as well as a peer buddy who was really helpful during my first few weeks in the office.


The Edge is a very beautiful work space. In some spaces it feels like you’re outside, which is very refreshing, and it’s nice to work in such a sustainable building. I live in the middle of Amsterdam, and I really like the cycle culture. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to cycle to The Edge each day. I like the culture of independence and freedom in the Netherlands. There is a lot of trust for your neighbours and the people in your community.

From a work perspective I am getting used to people in the Netherlands being a lot more direct, and am finding my own way in this. In the U.S. sometimes we ‘sugar coat’ what we say and I didn’t realize how much I was doing that until I moved here. The ability to speak candidly, especially across levels, makes for a very productive working culture.

There is a lovely sense of work-life balance here, and there is a lot more for me to discover. To relax after work I like doing yoga and going for a run. It’s so beautiful to go running through the city here. I also enjoy spending time with friends and I really enjoy cooking. Although there are a lot of organizations in the Netherlands that do the kind of work I do, I think Deloitte is a really special and unique place to work!”

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