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What impact will you make?

As a graduate intern at Deloitte Cyber you focus full time on completing your thesis, and getting to know the Deloitte Cyber team along the way. From Deloitte you receive support in the form of a personal thesis supervisor, an expert from our team and your go-to person for questions and advice. You have the opportunity to take a sneak peak into the life of our consultants and lay the groundwork for a career in Cyber.

This is how

The topic of your thesis is entirely up to you. We ask that you provide us with a short proposal when applying so we can discuss this further during the interviews. You can find several examples of thesis topics below, or visit our Cyber Graduate site for even more ideas.  

Governance structure for ICS security
Market research shows that many organizations with Industrial Control Systems struggle with implementing risk mitigating controls regarding cyber security. These controls are usually based on the controls implemented in the IT field, but are these controls the right controls for the ICS field as well? What are the differences in requirements and effectiveness of the controls between ICS and IT?

Identity & Access Management
Identifying who is who online becomes the basis for digital business. Both externally, towards customers and partners, as well as internally, towards employees and guests. How their identities are established and how they can be used will enable or disable digital business. What are the most common problems in specific sectors with regards to identities and access? By interviewing different stakeholders you will identify and analyze the most common issues. Are there any differences per sector? The goal is to give specific sector related solutions for the identified problems.

Security Operations Center (SOC)
A modern Security Operations Center (SOC) contains a vast array of sophisticated detection and prevention technologies using a virtual sea of cyber intelligence. The access to security talent is however limited which makes it necessary to make hard choices on which capabilities to prioritize. This research will help cyber security leadership optimize the effectiveness and development of their SOC analysts for the best possible long term results.


At Deloitte, the largest organisation in the field of Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, Tax and Legal. In the Netherlands, we rely on more than 5,500 staff in 15 offices. Globally, Deloitte has around 250,000 staff and offices in more than 150 countries.

You will share your expertise with more than 200 colleagues in the Cyber Risk team, from a wide range of backgrounds and personalities. The Cyber team is distinguished by its collegial and informal atmosphere and this environment is further emphasized by ample learning opportunities and constructive feedback on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Via this link you can read more about Risk Advisory in general.

What we offer

  • internship compensation;
  • flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home;
  • development program that helps you keep developing
  • a laptop;
  • great growth opportunities, especially if you want to stay with Deloitte after you graduate;
  • a personal thesis supervisor.

What you offer

First and foremost you are passionate about Cyber Security. You are eager to learn and develop your skills, and work towards a career as a consultant. As a Cyber Graduate you are also:

  • in the final year of you Master’s degree focusing on Computer Science, Business & ICT, Management of Technology, Business Information Management or other related discipline;
  • a real team player;
  • proactive, not afraid to approach colleagues and peers for help with your thesis;
  • ambitious, and comfortable working in an international, fast paced organization.

When applying, we ask that you include a short research proposal of around one A4. This should include an introduction to your topic, possible research questions, your methodology and an overview of your planning.

More info? Ask Emma.

Emma Kok, Campus Recruiter Risk Advisory

Profielfoto van Inge Philips-Bryan

Inge Philips-Bryan

Partner Risk Advisory

"I see cyber risks as an inspiration for innovation."

Profielfoto van Serra Lise Kammoun

Serra Lise Kammoun

Manager Cyber Strategy

"We help charities improve their online security"

Profielfoto van Michel van Veen

Michel van Veen

Senior Manager, Teamlead ICS Cyber Security

"I'm thrilled to have so many smart, enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues."

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