Application tips

What should you keep in mind when applying for a job? What jobs should you focus on when applying at Deloitte in The Netherlands and should you prepare for the job interview? Here, you will find all our tips for applying to a job at Deloitte, including tips for more experienced candidates.

Application tip 1: international applicants

Which jobs should you focus on when applying at Deloitte in The Netherlands? How to prepare for the job interview? And when you land a job, does Deloitte help you to get set up?

Watch Liselotte's practical application tips for international applicants in the video below or read her blogpost about working for Deloitte in The Netherlands.

Application tip 2: letter of application en curriculum vitae (CV)

How does a good resume looks like and where do recruiters pay attention to? How long should a CV be and what should a letter of application contain? Lara and Berdi answer these questions and more in the video below.

Application tip 3: the assessment

What to expect of the assessment? What is it that we test, why do we do this and what is the importance of the assessment in de applications procedure? These and more questions are answered by recruiter Elise and Talent Acquisition Manager Jacco in the video below.

Application tip 4: preparing for the job interview

How can you best prepare for the job interview? In this video, Babette points out application tips to help you prepare optimally for the interview.

Application tip 5: the job interview

How to start a job interview? Where should you pay attention to? What is the dresscode? Take a look at the application tips from Lianne for the job interview below.

Application tip 6: experienced candidates

Are you thinking about a next step in your career? Or do you want to have a casual chat about the opportunities within Deloitte, in all confidentiallity? In the video below experienced recruiters Elsemiek and Mirte present application tips for experienced candidates. Because you are never too old to learn.



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