” When you work for a global firm, your skills also work globally ”

Bhramara (Manager) & Michael (Senior Consultant Cloud Engineering),
Deloitte Consulting.

Deloitte is a lot more than accounting, audit and number crunching. It’s also about the latest cloud tech stack and big tech transformation projects. Working on the latest and brightest technologies and seeing the impact it makes. With their multidisciplinary and diverse teams Bhramara and Michael solve important problems for clients. Together they make a difference.

“Coming from Dutch parents, moving to the Netherlands has always been in the back of my mind”, Michael says. “Deloitte gave me the opportunity and we flew over from Australia, arriving just a few hours before the lockdown began. Starting a new life during a global pandemic is strange, but Deloitte has been very welcoming and supportive to my family. We got a lot of help with processes like getting visas and housing and there is a strong buddy system at Deloitte. It’s been a new and exciting adventure.

In Australia we have a lot of experience in cloud, but the work of building big cloud platforms is relatively new here in the Netherlands. I’m very excited about building a new cloud engineering team, training new people and bringing a lot of skills. When you work for a global firm, your skills also work globally.”


At Deloitte we are growing the next talent and everything we do works around that.

Bhramara came to the Netherlands four years ago. As an engineer from India she grew into managing larger technology delivery implementations, first in the US and now in the Netherlands. “I married into Deloitte”, she jokingly says. “My husband has been with Deloitte for all of his working life. And I kept hearing stories about the world of consulting and the wonderful opportunities it offers to develop yourself, grow and excel. It has been fascinating to experience that for myself now, with Deloitte being my first foray into consulting.

It may sound cliché, but we at Deloitte always say people are our asset, and I live that value daily, as I invest in growing our talent to fuel our journey to undisputed leadership in the market. Our tagline is ‘Make an impact that matters’, and that focuses on the people, the society and the clients. Deloitte gives you great opportunities to develop your skills and expertise and to have a purpose. To solve important problems for our clients and to make a difference.”


It may be a break with a lot of people’s perceptions, Michael continues. “But at Deloitte we work with the latest and greatest technologies in cloud. Kubernetes, DevSecOps tools, machine learning, big data, you name it. In technology things change very quickly and we have to keep up. At Deloitte we strongly emphasize learning and knowledge sharing across our teams. We have a mentality of working with the cutting edge, and that is exactly why I choose Deloitte as an employer.

I used to work in the publishing industry where I first started working with cloud, containerisation and the culture around DevOps and I fell in love with that world. I wanted to work on bigger projects and even newer tools. At Deloitte the size of the projects you get to work on and the amount of resources you get is bigger than everything else. It’s something you won’t get in many places and it will definitely take your career forward.”


Kubernetes, DevSecOps tools, machine learning, big data, at Deloitte we work with the latest and greatest technologies.

At Deloitte the work challenges you from a variety of angles, according to Bhramara. “The teams we work in are multidisciplinary, diverse and cross border. You need to be on the ball and I take great pride in leading the team to successfully solving clients problems. I am passionate about mentoring and coaching younger talent from different backgrounds. And I am happy to bring the worlds of different disciplines together. From sharp financial minds to techy engineers. In my experience delivering projects while working together with consulting, financial advisory and risk advisory; it is all about taking each other along.

Having respect for each other and understanding the unique work culture across these disciplines. Inclusion goes both ways, you need to make an effort. At Deloitte we have formal and informal networks addressing the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture, like the Women’s network. And that is great, but it all starts with mutual respect and acceptance.”

  • Be the true you. At Deloitte.

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