” To me, working at Deloitte is more a matter of mind-set than profile ”

Kalle van de Wall,
Senior Manager Regulatory Risk.

Since he joined Deloitte Regulatory Risk two years ago, Kalle van de Wall was already promoted twice. For Kalle, the flexibility offered by Deloitte is the perfect way to manage his work/life balance, as he is now a senior manager and a father of three.

‘I always wanted to work at the criminal investigation department and make an impact on society in my job. After I finished Business Administration in Maastricht, I did a Criminal Investigation master at the Police Academy, where I specialized in Financial Forensic Services. I worked at the financial investigation department Midden Nederland for a while and then joined the forensic department of a provider of financial and business services, where I specialized in financial economic crime and ethics. However, what I missed was room to find answers to the question of how to prevent unwanted behaviour.’

‘Deloitte offered me the opportunity to broaden my horizon. My team and I offer strategic advice to large banks and insurance companies. More and more small and agile players like Monzo, Adyen and Klarna are taking over parts of their traditional offerings. In order to remain relevant, large banks need to digitize, innovate and become more agile.

Our strength is that Deloitte is not only able to advise about the appropriate strategic options, but can also make sure that systems will still work well years from now.’


Because I’m able to organize my own work and care for my family, I feel very much at ease here.

‘Regulatory Risk is often associated with “slowing down”. However, we offer added value by helping organisations realize the actual options. The “by design” risk management approach actually makes innovation sustainable. It is vital for a good business case. For instance, Deloitte gave us the freedom to build a start-up within a bank. This was such an innovative approach that more banks are becoming interested now.

Within Regulatory Risk, there are people with a legal background as well as accountants and management consultants. The majority are women. Depending on the client’s situation, we take on large assignments or join other teams with our specialisms.

As the account manager of a large bank I am daily in touch with co-workers from other countries or with our own account managers in e.g. the US or Hong Kong. Last year I went to Istanbul for a local anti-money laundering compliance assignment.’


‘Recently, we were asked to help a financial institution that was under investigation by the AFM in the field of compliance. That was a short and intense project. On the longer term, we did a project at an online bank where we combined innovation, compliance and agility.

The best part of my job is helping companies to do their work in a responsible manner. Innovation with AI and RPA may be “flashy”, but personally I prefer putting the impact on all stakeholders and clients first.’


‘The people at Deloitte – in all age groups – are really clever. I will never understand the things young professionals are able to do, and that energizes me. If you are highly qualified and like this kind of speed and dynamics, Deloitte is the place to work.

A deal is a deal, but this organisation is also focused on output. Nobody checks if you work from 9 to 5 or at other times, or how you spend your working day. For instance, I really like going for a run halfway through the working day. That is no problem at all. Because I’m able to organize my own work and care for my family, I feel very much at ease here. For me, working at Deloitte is more a matter of mind-set than profile.’

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