” Work together on a project one day, party together at a wedding in Spain the next. ”

Willemijn Visser,
Marketing Consultant.

As a Marketing Consultant, Willemijn Visser advises her colleagues from various departments on how to market their skills and expertise. Willemijn holds a degree in Business Communication & Digital Media and has been working at Deloitte since 2015.

'The wedding I attended in August was definitely one of the highlights this year. A peak indeed, as the ceremony was held at a Spanish villa perched high up on a mountain, giving us a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Besides me, two other colleagues and our partners attended this romantic wedding, as our colleague and friend was the bride. This is a typical example of how close we are at Deloitte. But, since weddings aren't an everyday occasion, let's talk some more about our regular working days.

As a marketeer my job is to help current and future clients discover the knowledge and expertise Deloitte can offer them. As such, I design our marketing strategy, and handle the development and launch of campaigns. That means I get to work with colleagues who have very deep and specific knowledge about their topics of expertise. I advise these colleagues on how to market their particular knowledge and skills. Who's the target group? Which topics and current issues are relevant to them? What's the best way to reach those target groups? These are just a handful of the recurring questions that come up in creating a campaign.

I'm always involved in several marketing activities at the same time, both small  and larger scale campaigns. It's nice to have that variety, to be working with more than one team and targeting various client groups, current and potential. As a marketeer you are really at the heart of the organisation, that’s why departments like to include me in their meetings and plans. It’s especially great that I have a lot of freedom to experiment, to try all kinds of marketing techniques and ideas, for example with A/B testing in email campaigns.

'At a large company like Deloitte, you have great opportunities to meet new people; it's a wonderful place to expand your network, your world.

It really feels like you belong to a close-knit community. Your colleagues are always there for you, and gladly make time for a brainstorm or just a cup of coffee. Close friendships can evolve. There's no way we would have missed our colleague's wedding. Her now-husband is half Spanish, and they have a lot of family in Spain. So they picked a gorgeous little town near Barcelona for the ceremony. They took great care of us and we had a whale of a time.

A group of friends like ours is not necessarily unique within Deloitte. You can count on your colleagues being hard workers, but they also know how to relax and be good friends. Above all, we're honest with one another, even when we disagree. I think that’s very important. Many Deloitte friendships extend beyond office hours. With all that said, though, don't think  we’re all the same here. We’re actually quite a diverse group of people. We all have our own unique cultural background and unique set of skills and expertise. That, to me, is what keeps things fresh and interesting. Even after having worked here for over three years.'

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