Jenna Everly

  • Senior Consultant Human Capital Consulting
  • Consulting  |  Human Capital  |  HR Transformation
  • Jenna Everly

What do your days at Deloitte look like, how do you like working at Deloitte?
The nature of consulting makes it hard to describe what my days look like – my daily activities are constantly changing from spending full days on client site to days in the Edge Office working on proposals or internal work to build our knowledge and capacity in Human Capital. I enjoy the variety my position provides, it keeps me interested and engaged.

As for the second question, I love working at Deloitte! I transferred to the Amsterdam Office after working at Deloitte in the US for two years. The mentorship culture is strong across the global firm and I always feel supported while I constantly learn new skills and expand my knowledge.

How has Deloitte surprised you the most?
For such a large company, it often surprises me how much smaller it feels because I’ve found my own communities of like-minded, driven and intelligent individuals. I’ve also gotten plugged into our international network which makes it easier to understand global insights and learn from other countries as well as sharing what we’re doing in the Netherlands.

As an expat in the Amsterdam Office, I’ve also been impressed and surprised at the diversity and number of fellow expats I get to work with. We have a strong community that is constantly growing – in this way it’s wonderful to have a ‘home base’ of Human Capital colleagues but also learn about other parts of the firm from expats and other internal activities I’m involved in such as Young Deloitte.

What would you like to say to your future colleague?
Welcome! Deloitte has endless resources, amazing mentoring, and strong relationships with the numerous market-leading companies we advise. Take advantage of all that our firm offers and know you are joining more than just a company; we are a strong global community. You are about to embark on an amazing start or continuation of your career. 

Profielfoto van Arnold Tosserams

Arnold Tosserams

Business Analyst HR Transformatie

"Deloitte biedt een ideale arena om, samen met en van collega’s te leren en erachter te komen waar jouw passie ligt."

Profielfoto van Anne van den Brink

Anne van den Brink

Consultant HR Transformation

"Ik ervaar binnen Deloitte een enorme vrijheid om mijn eigen invulling te geven aan mijn werk."

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