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What impact will you make?

Do you have the broad analytical toolset to design and develop models and algorithms that draw information from structured and unstructured data? Are you ready for challenging projects where you can build and deliver analytical solutions by using programming languages such as Phyton, R or SQL? Are you fascinated by methodologies such as Machine Learning, Clustering & Segmentation, Text Mining and Process Mining?   

This is how

When working on projects, you will improve the performance of organizations by intelligently handling the data they have acquired over the years. You will be able to make a connection between our client’s needs and analytical methods such as supervised –and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. While making these connections you are able to translate your analytical findings to clear and understandable insights and advice in order to guide clients through the process of change.

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte professionals. Examples of projects in which the Advanced Analytics team is involved are:

  • The creation of recommender systems such as suggesting a shopping basket for online shoppers browsing the catalogue of a supermarket.
  • Employing segmentation techniques such as self-organizing maps to identify different groups of customers and/or products to assess which customer/product groups have the largest ROI.
  • Classifying customer’s as potential churners in order to use more efficient marketing techniques.
  • Using image recognition techniques such as the analysis of satellite images with neural networks to find specific objects.
  • Predicting the duration and amount of resources needed to optimize workflow systems by employing process simulation techniques.
  • Forecasting optimal routes for delivery services.
  • Predicting student success based on information such as high school marks, age, and time of registration.


The service area Technology advises clients that are considered leaders in the public- as well as the private sector. Within the full scope of IT advisory we occupy ourselves with formulating and implementing complex high level IT strategies, development of a business-, information-, but also a technical architecture, enterprise content management, Business Intelligence, Internet technology, and tailored system development. Our overarching activities include program management, enterprise portfolio management, and designing independent and intelligent project management offices.

Part of the technology service area is the Analytics & Information Management service line. Within the service line we deliver professional services related to advisory, strategy, and implementation in the area of performance management, business intelligence, and other advanced analytical applications. We primarily focus on the added value for the business supported, but not limited, by technology and innovation. This in order to translate data and everyday information into ‘actionable insights’.

The Analytics & Information Management (AIM) team consists of three main disciplines: Big Data Management (BDM), Advanced Analytics (AA) and Data Discovery & Visualisation (DDV). These teams represent our main skills and specialism but do not limit us in how individual team members can excel and master traits. They enable AIM to tackle all kind of data and information business challenges. The teams work in close collaboration with each other and other service lines.

  • Big Data Management:  focusses on processing huge amounts of external and internal data (volume), preferably in real time (Velocity) and in a structured and unstructured form (Variety).
  • Advanced Analytics:  Takes and static approach in creating a deeper understanding of data. This includes the use of methodologies such as Machine Learning, Clustering & Segmentation, Text Mining and Process Mining.
  • Data Discovery & Visualisation: Professions in getting across the business message by means of KPI Dashboarding, Advanced Visualisation and Storytelling with data.

Our colleagues at work:

What we offer

  • You work with ambitious, highly educated colleagues in multidisciplinary and international teams
  • We are a down to earth organization and have an informal team (also outside of working hours)
  • We offer an open and innovative culture with lots of room for own initiative
  • Our working conditions fit your ambitions and needs, like a market aligned lease arrangement, a laptop and an iPhone
  • As talent you will get all freedom and support for a steep learning curve and acceleration in your career. Next to this, we help you where possible, provide a balanced training program, a fitting competence model and a counselor

What you offer

  • You have 3 to 6 years of relevant hands on experience with business applications such as customer intelligence, marketing, risk and process optimization;
  • You possess knowledge and have had experience with econometrical modelling techniques, data mining algorithms, optimization techniques and computational statistics;
  • You are fluent in relevant programming languages such as Python, R and, SQL;  
  • Experience with coaching and project management of small teams is a plus;
  • You have obtained a Master’s degree (in, for example, econometrics, physics, (technical) mathematics, (technical) business administration, business informatics/mathematics, or artificial intelligence;
  • You have excellent analytical skills;
  • You have good communication skills and are capable of providing appropriate solutions in consultation with the client;
  • You have an excellent command of the English language.

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