Data Scientist & Machine Learning Expert

What impact will you make?

As a ‘data scientist’ your passion is solving different business problems with your knowledge in data and machine learning algorithms. You communicate well within the team, understand the business problem, pick the right solution (data, algorithm & implementation), and are able to communicate the results in business language. You can help us and our clients to quickly develop new data solutions and improve existing ones, to gain a competitive edge. You like to be part of a cross-functional team to achieve the ambitious common goal. You work with junior and senior data scientists in our team where you receive and provide support.

As a data scientist and machine learning expert:

  • You have deep understanding and experience in established Machine Learning (ML) algorithms such as: classification, GLM, clustering, random forests, neural networks, SVM, KNN, K-Means
  • You have knowledge and experience in one or more of the following Artificial Intelligence (AI) paradigms: Natural Language Programming (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), or Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • You have great skills in programming in Python, specifically in the following libraries: NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, OpenCV, and NLTK or spaCy
  • You have experience with one or more of the ‘deep learning’ frameworks: Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, or Theano
  • You are interested in working with cutting edge technology and learning never stops for you
  • You have a master or PhD degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics
  • You have experience with SQL and other data transformation tools
  • You have great analytical skills and you pay attention to detail
  • You are self-reliant and proactive, which means you can both work independently and reach out when in need of help
  • You have excellent communication skills in English, both verbally and in writing

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte Risk Advisory offers its service in different domains: Financial Risk, Data Analytics, Cyber, and IT. In the past years our clients have been approaching us with increasingly complex questions about AI: can AI solve our business problems? or it’s just a hype. To answer these questions we have built many proof of concepts and solutions where we showed how different AI paradigms can solve various business problems. The story line is simple: AI unlocks the power of data and it does tasks faster and more accurate, and thereby provide added value to our clients. Deloitte is the place to be if your passion is to bring AI to business. We do a lot of cool and innovative stuff. Have a look at our latest product DocQMiner to get inspired:  

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