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Don't ask why

Let’s assume you send in your resume for this (exciting) position. We take your submission and save it as a JPG with a randomized filename. Next, we put this picture it in a folder that contains images of resumes from all other Deloitte applicants in 2018 - not specific to this posting. Now, we want to find suitable candidates for this position in that huge stack of images. How would you go about that?

Your role as a data scientist

As a TensorFlow engineer you probably have some ideas on how to approach this challenge. For example, you could apply Deep Learning OCR using Python and TensorFlow. But of course, we don’t need to tell you that: you are the expert in machine learning and natural-language processing. You have an uncanny belief in the potential of these innovations. You have great interest in using the most promising algorithms and techniques to increase the precision of predictions. You see potential where other people only see complexity.

Within our projects, you work with people from various disciplines such as Finance, Risk Management, IT. You understand their lingo. You can connect the dots to create new propositions and solve business problems with machine learning. As a data scientist you can help us, and our clients, develop new use cases and improve existing models to gain a competitive edge!

Some clues for TensorFlow variables to help find back your resume

What we are looking for a in a candidate:

  • You have worked with TensorFlow and Python to develop machine learning models.
  • You are interested in working with cutting edge technology and keen to further develop your knowledge and skills in TensorFlow.
  • Before you started working, you graduated from university in a technical field of study.
  • You have affinity with analytics, mathematics and software development.
  • You have experience with SQL and other data transformation tools.
  • You have great analytical skills and you pay attention to detail.
  • You are self-reliant and proactive, which means you can both work independently and reach out when in need of help.
  • You have experience working in project teams.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English and Dutch, both verbally and in writing.

Why Deloitte?

At first glance, you might not think of Deloitte as a company in the field of machine learning, but we really do a lot of cool and innovative stuff around data analytics and machine learning. And we use data analytics and machine learning to solve a big variety of complex challenges for our clients.

And why TensorFlow?

At Deloitte we see that the machine learning landscape is developing very fast: new frameworks and functionalities are introduced daily. One of the most promising platforms is TensorFlow which has one of the most active development cycles, user community and feature sets in the field. We are searching for talent of all levels who want to become part of our TensorFlow team. Focus is the key to innovation and success, and we believe TensorFlow will be the dominant platform in the near future.

How to apply?

You can send your resume and a brief description of your approach to the introductory challenge - a screenshot of your TensorBoard graph for this hypothetical case would suffice.

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