Internship - Omnichannel Supply Chain

The position

Have you ever considered graduating at a consultancy firm? At Deloitte Consulting, we advise the private sector on understanding their business. One of the areas of specialism is Supply Chain Strategy, which aims to make supply chains more effective and efficient in delivering value for a companies.

Digital platforms and products are expanding and evolving, changing the way people live, work, shop and do business. Developing a supply chain solution to address the challenges presented by digital transformation, the impact on retail and the demands of the Omnichannel world does not happen overnight – It requires a strategy that is flexible and evolves with changing challenges. Over the last decade, retailers have been struggling with complementing their traditional Brick & Mortar channels with an eCommerce channel.

Deloitte Consulting’s Supply Chain Strategy service line has done elaborate research in terms of consumer behavior, consumer preferences in last-mile services, supply chain capabilities to operate a profitable omnichannel supply chain, and the as-is retail landscape. In addition, we believe it is important for our clients to rethink the purpose of the store and the role in their omnichannel supply chain. Where it is often positioned as an “end station” of sales to the consumer or a key mean of direct conversion, firms are more and more introducing different store concepts (e.g. flagship stores) and it can be leveraged as a true omnichannel beacon in the supply chain as well – enabling capabilities as “ship-from-store
” or “dynamic replenishment”.

However, is the store’s strategy similar for every industry? What does it mean for different store concepts? Do benefits outweigh the costs? And what technologies are priorities for a client to invest in?
Our supply chain team is highly active in this field and closely collaborating with our Deloitte Digital’s Connected Store initiative to advance in this area of retail.

Our team is looking for an intern to support the research related to
The role of the store in the omnichannel supply chain”

Main and sub-questions (to be discussed & refined):
What should be the role of the store in a profitable omnichannel supply chain?

  • How do traditional retailers currently position their store in their supply chains?
  • Which key elements will evolve the retail landscape in terms of the omnichannel supply chain?
  • How will the retail evolution of the supply chain affect the different store concepts?
  • Which (combination of) store capabilities are a necessity to survive / win and shape the store of the future?
  • Which (combination of) technologies are most promising in to enable key store capabilities
  • What is the potential revenue upside of the store capabilities? Do they outweigh its costs / investments?

Duration and location:

  • 6 months
  • Full time (4 days is negotiable)
  • Deloitte office Amsterdam

The criteria

Student profile:

  • Master’s graduate at a Dutch University (preferred fields: Engineering, Management Science, Econometrics, Logistics, Operations)
  • Outstanding analytical and conceptual skills
  • Excellence results in both Bachelor and Master
  • Strong communicative skills. Fluent in English (Dutch is preferable but not a necessity) 
  • Interest in business, not just in engineering
  • Specialization in Supply Chain / Logistics (preferably obtained in extracurricular activities or a job next to study)

Example deliverables / activities:

  • Desk research
  • Site visits
  • Interview support
  • Supply chain capability survey
  • Business case
  • Concept development
  • Potentially building a prototype / minimum viable product (MVP)

We offer

  • A combination of academic and practical experience
  • Graduation at Deloitte Consulting with the opportunity to get in contact with industry clients
  • Graduation with a combined engineering / business experience in an international environment
  • Gain experience in a Big Four company, including the potential to start your career at Deloitte Consulting
  • Competitive monthly compensation

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Julia Plandsoen, Campus Recruiter Strategy & Operations en Human Capital Consulting

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