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Senior Consultant Regulatory Analytics

Remember Minority Report? It’s that futuristic movie where Tom Cruise uses all kinds of advanced technology to stop crime before it actually happens. It’s hard to imagine this blockbuster was released only 15 years ago and many of its futuristic concepts have already become reality. Think about self-driving cars, facial recognition and voice-controlled homes. And how about predicting crime, can we already do that?

Well sort of, but certainly not as spectacular as in the movie. Within regulatory analytics we provide organizations with an opportunity to stay a step ahead of potential miscondunct and violations. We use data analytics to detect and stop potentially improper transactions or wrongful actions before they pose a threat to the business. We also support government initiatives to leverage analytics to gain insights and identify red flags in data and filings. Cool stuff, right?

It is! And we are now looking to expand our team! Join us in shaping the future to the benefit of society.

What will you be doing?

In your new role you will be able to make a real difference by working with breakthrough technologies. You contribute to the fight against financial crime using your analytical skills. With the power of data analytics, you help solve complex crisis-situations that require an immediate response to a regulator.

So how does this work in practice? Let’s consider a case from both the financial services industry and the regulator.

A leading Dutch bank wants to know how well its systems can detect and preempt criminal transactions. You design a dataset of 10.000 fictitious transactions. You include the names of known terrorists, mobsters, and regular civilians. You also add in the names of ‘regular customers’ whose names are very similar to those of knowns fraudsters. How many transactions go through? How does the system deal with false positives? Following up on the results you help the bank improve their monitoring tools. You adjust existing rules-based monitoring to better identify known fraud and compliance risks. All the while you make sure that international sanctions and anti-money-laundering laws are complied with. You also advise on how compliance can be improved.

Then there’s the regulator. At any given time, the regulator has a lot of people and organizations under supervision. But how to determine whether or not to perform expensive inspections? You work together with fraud experts to establish fraud patterns. With your technical expertise, you can translate these patterns into rules. Additionally, you employ text analytics to mine and sense written documents for insights. Using visual analytics/dashboards you eventually summarize actionable results for stakeholders. But why stop there? You follow up by developing of a self-learning system that can recognize patterns, and deviations, based on your proposed statistical model.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for an experienced consultant to join our ranks. You might have noticed that this vacancy is for both senior consultant and junior manager. What’s the difference? For both roles we are looking for a technical expert. Someone who can manage his/her own work effectively. On top of that, a Junior Manager can handle project management and is comfortable with frequent client interaction.

Ideally your profile would include the following:

  • You have completed a quantitatively oriented university degree, such as (applied) mathematics, econometrics, physics or a quantitative specialization within the social sciences.
  • You have at least 2-3 years of (relevant) experience.
  • You have experience with programming (knowledge of SQL, SAS, R, Python or Hadoop is an advantage!).
  • You operate well in a team, and you have a professional attitude.
  • You can identify with characteristics such as analytical, independent, critical and result-oriented.
  • You can complete projects under time pressure and you have the ambition to develop yourself.
    • You have excellent proficiency in English; both verbally and in writing.
    • Junior Manager: You have a proven track record of managing projects.

About our team

Our team consists of about 20 professionals specializing in solving complex regulator-related issues for our clients. The cooperation within our teams is very informal, as is the general atmosphere. We help each other to get the best solutions for our clients.

We are proud to have different professional backgrounds: lawyers and criminologists cooperate with mathematicians and finance professionals. We create the best mix in every team for every assignment. We believe using smart analytics will play an ever-increasing role in the way our clients should work.

By joining our regulatory response team, you’ll be part of the wider Risk Advisory practice. We work together to help clients effectively mitigate risk and make informed and intelligent risk decisions. You will experience different clients and work on a variety of topics. Afterwards you may become an expert in your field or specialize in serving specific industries (e.g. financial services, public, health care, technology etc.). Our services are mainly performed from the Amsterdam office but many times you will also be working on site at clients. Deloitte serves a global market and thus offers plenty of opportunities for working abroad!

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