About Deloitte

Impact that matters.

Are you looking for a challenging job at a large professional services provider? A company that works for leading clients from all industries, with multidisciplinary teams? Would you like to invent creative and innovative solutions for future market challenges? Then Deloitte is your place to be. With over 5,500 employees and 15 offices in the Netherlands, we are one of the largest professional services providers in accounting, tax & legal, consulting, risk management and financial advice.

Deloitte & Innovation

The rise and exponential growth of new technologies is rapidly changing the world, affecting all businesses and organizations. This is why we invest so much in innovation. For instance, we are leading in the field of data analytics and cyber security.

Deloitte & Challenging work

We work for various clients and industries. So working for us means you are able to develop your adaptive, communicative and analytic skills to perfection. Your coworkers are young and ambitious people from various disciplines – and countries. You will get to know all aspects of all kinds of organizations in no-time, expanding not only your technical skills, but also your knowledge of industries and clients. Before you know it, you will be advising your clients’ decision makers.

Deloitte & Learning & Development

Personal development, quality and teaming are key to us. A personal buddy will help you determine your personal learning and development plan from the very start. Deloitte professionals have Talent Standards, which clearly articulate essential capabilities at a given level. This defines the most critical capabilities that we need to demonstrate on a globally consistent basis and will help to build your capabilities to a world-class level. The Talent Standards help you to set your development goals, which you will discuss with your Team Leader and Coach (see the video below for more information about Talent Standards). You will do a lot of learning on the job, but we will also encourage you to do trainings, courses and summer schools with your coworkers (technical skills and soft skills). Combined with your individual development program, this enables you to offer more and more value in projects. Also, you can choose from our vast E-learning program and Deloitte University program.

Deloitte & Informal and friendly work climate

We are well-known for our informal and friendly work climate. We are open, down-to-earth and make sure that you are able to develop yourself quickly and still have time for social events. For instance, we like to do sports together and go out. After all, you can only work hard if you play hard as well.

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